Grow Through What You Go Through

Grow Through What You Go Through

Grow Through What You Go Through
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Life has both good and bad experiences. When you’re going through the good times, life seems easy and enjoyable. The reverse is also true, tough situations are hard and may appear to last forever.

Everyone experiences their share of good and bad times, but only the wise learn and grow by making the best of what they go through.

Both Good and Tough Times Don’t Last, butthey’re Necessary

Humans are peculiar people; stay in a situation too long, and they’ll start getting restless. If life were all good, you’d never grow.  A balance of both enjoyable and challenging experiences is essential for growth.  John F Kennedy quote says, “Don’t pray for easy lives, ask instead to be strong men.” It is in the tough times that you find the strength you never thought you had.

Grow Through What You Go Through

Tough Times Build

Challenges cause transformation by shaping our character. A character is who you are at the core. How you behave under pressure typically sums up your person. When hard times come, do you remain the person you were at happier times or do you withdraw and get moody until the situation lifts? If you’re not the same, find out the areas you need to work on and let the challenge strengthen you.


Most people would choose good times over bad,given a choice. The truth is, the bad times are just as crucial to your development as the good times. You learn the most valuable lessons under pressure, and you’re likelynever to forget them.

The next time you feel like life is crashing you down, take a moment and ask yourself what lesson you’re likely to learn from the experience. Simple pick yourself up, dust off the dirt and move on. But, make sure you learn from the experience to grow.


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