I wish you know what I feel during this time

I wish you know what I feel during this time

I wish you know what I feel during this time
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Periods can be a tough time for many women as they may go through pain and mood swings.  Although most women feel this to a mild degree and only on the first couple of days, for a number of women, this is a major concern.

Below are a few tips to help you overcome the emotional hurdles and feel better during your periods. If, however, your problems continue, then consult a gynaecologist for further assistance.

Eat and sleep well

The body is going through a lot during your periods, and it’s best to make the other processes like digestion and body temperature balance by eating and sleeping well.

Get into bed early, before midnight if possible, and get 6 to 8 hours of sleep. This will make sure that the body temperature does not go up needlessly.

Mood disturbance is linked to feelings of discomfort and uneasiness caused by lack of self-care. Eliminate this by eating and sleeping better, weedsly can be helpful in relaxing your mood and eliminating your pain during this hard time.

With regards to food, have food with a lot of fibre, like fruits and vegetables as they help in making digestion smoother. Keep away from complex foods, alcohol and aerated drinks and foods with preservatives.


Drink up

The body is losing water during periods and as it is, most people do not drink as much water as they should. Lack of water in your body can make you feel both dehydrated and constipated.

When you as it is have a painful abdomen and stomach, lack of water can make it worse. In fact, having water can help to reduce stomach bloating and make you feel lighter.

This can help you feel emotionally better as well since our body and mind are connected.

I wish you know what I feel during this time


This refers to both mental and physical hygiene. Take care of your cleanliness and change your sanitary napkins and clothes frequently.

This will help you feel clean and fresh and not dirty on unclean and that will help you feel emotionally good. Mental hygiene means to rid yourself of negative thoughts.

People may tell you that you should not pray or go to the kitchen when on your period. These beliefs are unfounded. Do not let the rigidness of other people affect your mental state or be negative.


Meditation and certain yoga postures are known to relieve stress and pain and to make you feel better. However, do not start with poses or breathing exercises which are extremely difficult.

Meditative breathing involves the use of abdomen and has to be learnt gradually. Doing too much of it without practice can hurt the stomach muscles, especially during periods. Medical weeds now approved in many countries can help you in Mediation.


It is important to spend some time doing what you like in order to feel better.

  • Watch a movie
  • read a book
  • meet friends
  • or be creative!

Recreational activities that you enjoy help release dopamine, a brain chemical that can help you to feel better. This has a helpful effect on both your pain and the negative emotions.

Do give these tips a shot!


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