Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari
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Muniba Mazari is popularly known as the Pakistani’s Iron Lady. She is the definition of strength; courage and determination, all rolled up in one. Despite losing both her legs to a car accident in 2007 at the age of 21, she has risen to become the icon to reckon with having achieved various recognition awards and running several jobs.

Muniba as an Inspiration

Muniba Mazari’s life is one of the most inspirational stories today on social media. She has risen above her disability. In 2007, she was involved in a car accident that made her immobile for two years. In her own words during various talks, she has expressed how dull, depressing and exhausting it was to live in a hospital bed for two years.

Her greatest joy was being able to sit in a wheelchair. While many would wallow in self-pity and even contemplate suicide with this sudden change, Muniba chose to make the best of her situation. She was determined to live differently and to become an inspiration to other paraplegics.

Muniba Mazari

Her life is a series of mini inspirations from the moment she left the hospital bed, still, accepting her disability and doing the best she could on a pair of wheels, marked the beginning of her upward curve.

Muniba’s Rocky Marriage

Being married to paraplegic has its challenges. Muniba’s wasn’t any different. Things took a nose-dive when she chose to follow her dreams. Singing and painting weren’t agreeable to the husband and his family. She left of her own will in 2014 with a minor adopted son and filed for divorce in 2015.

Her Rise to Fame and the Controversy

In 2015, Muniba was appointed the UN’s first woman Goodwill Ambassador to Pakistan. The title was added to her already growing plate of responsibilities as an established artist, a singer, a speaker, and an activist. In 2016, she represented Pakistan in the Forbes Top 30 under 30 of the most promising young game changers in the world.

In 2017, she was named the BBC’s 100 Most Inspirational Women. There seems to be nothing stopping her until her recent case with ex-husband where he sued her for 1 million Pakistani Rupees, which is more than $7000 for defamation.

Muniba Mazari

To make matters worse, a clip she did several years back re-surfaced, and in her words then, she was praising her husband as the anchor of strength and dear friend. The statement was seen to contradict with her interviews after the divorce.

She pointed out that during her car accident, thedriver, who was her ex-husband, was asleep during the crash and he also jumped to save himself, leaving Muniba in anguish.

The matter caused such an uproar on social media with many people bashing her for her dishonesty. She later clarified through a touching Facebook post that marriage is challenging, and while on the limelight, you try as much as possible not to launder your dirty linen in public.

She also stated that it’s not the first time that her ex-husband has tried to get money from her; however, she will be handling all the matters in court and not on social media.

Muniba Mazari as a Role Model

Muniba Mazari is a brand herself. She portrays the true spirit of the Pakistani people. She has used the many stones life has thrown her way to build a fortress for herself. Her life proves that disability is not inability. You can still rise above everything that pulls you down.

As at now, Muniba is a loving mother, an established painter, a motivational speaker, a TV host, the first wheelchair model, the UN Goodwill Ambassador, An activist, BBC’s Top 100 Women, and the list will keep growing.


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