Vaping for the first time – A few thoughts

Vaping for the first time – A few thoughts

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So I have never been a smoker but I am intrigued by the potential health benefits that vaping offers. The initial studies and basic logic suggest that it could be trans-formative technology in improving health worldwide. But just because its a better technology doesn’t mean people will use it so I wanted to try the experience for myself.

The Product

I went with a JUUL starter kit as they seem to be the easiest to use and one of the most popular options available. I charged the device for an hour and popped in a vaping cartridge (I had Watermelon but I think these are being phased out). The cost was not much more than a pack of cigarettes and over time it worked out to be a lot cheaper.

A woman is holding a Juul e-cigarette, in Montreal.

The First Hit

Now I was set up I simply placed the device in the mouth and breathed in. I can’t compare it to smoking (other then a few puffs of cigars I have no experience) but it was warm and enjoyable with a lovely taste, like a week chewing gum flavor. It definitely warmed up the chest but I didn’t need to cough or have any side effects of that nature. I would suspect it would be more enjoyable in the winter but it is Summer here as I try it.

The First Problem

I noticed after a few more hits that I had a bit of the vape juice in the mouth. I did what any novice would do and panicked. After going online I found out that I was inhaling way to hard and that the juice was not dangerous to ingest in liquid form.

In Summary

After a few more hits I had enough to draw a very simple conclusion. Compared to being around others who smoked, even if they were far away I enjoyed the vape infinitely more. The flavor was really enjoyable and I would expect it would be fun testing out some of the hundreds of flavors available to find the ones that suit you. The Juul device was extremely easy to use, very much idiot proof (if you don’t inhale like a madman) and I felt good with no noticeable side effects such as coughing. The device was easy to hold and gave me something to do with my hands and I would imagine that inhaling the nicotine in this manner would be the easiest swap for any somkers looking to quit.

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