Wellness Tips

  • emoji pillows
    Reshma Venugopal

    When emojis misunderstand your emotions

      Remember the time when emojis looked like a mix of punctuation marks? Something like this - “:-)”. I had to space it out because the use of emoji has become such a trend, that as I...
  • Consoling a friend
    Aparna Kanmani

    Open letter to a friend who lost a loved one

      From being my partner in crime to acting like an over protective sister, you have always been by my side. I've known you for several years now and I have always admired the bold and strong wom...
  • Shruti Gupta Delhi

    Seven decades of Indian Mentality

    Exactly 70 years ago, when the clock struck 12, the first prime minister of independent India, Jawaharlal Nehru, made the famous speech ‘Tryst with Destiny’. In the very famous speech, h...
  • Buddha idol in a peaceful environment
    Richa S Karthikeyan

    Buddhism and Psychology

    Buddhism is one of the major global religions with an interesting history and philosophy of life. Many believe that Buddhism explains a purpose to life, it explains evident injustice and inequality in...
  • Female boss in an office
    Sanjna Verma

    Would you mind a Female Boss?

      Gender stereotypes are quite common, but in the recent times, the notion of the male being the breadwinner and the housewife being the homemaker has undergone a change. Women have begun to con...
  • bigg boss tamil
    Shruti Gupta Delhi

    Love, hate, and 'Bigg Boss'

      Bigg Boss - the name rings a bell, right? The show where celebrities live a life like our own, in a house that’s far far away from the world, metaphorically. Based on the Dutch show Big B...
  • school counsellor
    Sanjna Verma

    Why is it mandatory to have Counselors in school?

      Counselling is not about giving advice with 'Shoulds' and 'Musts', but rather a communication between the client and the therapist/counsellor bringing out the best qualities in the client to e...
  • blue whale challenge
    Shruti Gupta Delhi

    The death game - Blue Whale 'Suicide' Challenge

    The Blue Whale Challenge is said to have originated in Russia which compels teenagers to commit suicide. It begins by asking the participants to draw a blue whale on a paper and carve it on their body...
  • Reshma Venugopal

    Can your eyes give away your lies?

      If you have grown up watching murder mysteries and thriller shows, then you must be familiar with lie detection. Sure, there are many modern techniques to find out whether or not suspects lie,...
  • Radhika Goel

    Islam and Mental health

    There are several questions that can be addressed when one talks about Islam and mental health. For example, how people’s attitude towards Muslims affect their mental health and how the Muslims...
  • Aparna Kanmani

    How to deal with a cheating spouse?

    Life can turn upside down when you know your spouse is cheating on you. The heartbreaking moment would bring the harsh reality into light while shattering your trust and belief, in not just one but a...
  • sex education
    Shruti Gupta Delhi

    Sex Education in India

     Sex. The term that cannot be used in public, the term that cannot be talked about - as if it’s something as demonic as Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. It is strange how often...
  • Akshay Kumar
    Reshma Venugopal

    Well done! Akshay Kumar's parents

    In a recent and rather an outrageous revelation, the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar confessed that he had also been a victim of “inappropriate touching” as a six-year old. He spoke of his a...
  • Reshma Venugopal

    7 things your brother never tells you

      Remember the days when you would find your favourite toy or doll ripped apart? Who could do such a heinous crime you would think. Maybe you will even spend 80% of the time crying about it becau...
  • do stress balls work
    Radhika Goel

    Simple stress busters to make your day better

    A ritual, practice, system, activity, or even product that helps in relieving one of stress is a stress buster. The kind of stress busters people use has changed over time. People today use radi...
  • Domestic Violence
    Sareeta Behera

    Break the Silence and shackles,You don’t deserve it

    “We don’t necessarily know how to hear stories about any kind of violence, because it is hard to accept that violence is as simple as it is complicated, that you can love someone who hurt...
  • idiom
    Heena Sheth

    10 Idioms we use and their psychological basis

      In our day to day lives, we use different phrases to explain our ideas and express our views. Idioms are used by human beings in their verbal communication with each other. An idiomatic expres...
  • psychologists in history
    Heena Sheth

    Ten Famous Psychologists

    Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) Often regarded as the Father of Psychology, Wilhelm Wundt graduated in medicine. He is noted for setting up the first formal laboratory for research in experimental psychol...
  • family emoji
    Reshma Venugopal

    Here’s why single parents deserve a standing ovation!

        When Bianca found herself left alone with her twins, one of whom has Asperger’s disease, she found herself helpless. Her twins are 8 years-old now, and she went back to w...
  • society
    Heena Sheth

    Mental Illness Is Not A One Man's Struggle

    "Mentally ill people are dangerous." "Mentally ill people are absolutely crazy and psychotic, STAY AWAY!", "Mentally ill should be locked away." "Mentally ill people are always dependent on someone."...
  • introverts vs extroverts
    Manaswini Venkateswaran

    Can Extroverts become Introverts?

    For example, a person may be reserved and spend a lot of time alone (a tendency of an introvert) but may be able to assert themselves when they need to and assume a leadership position (a tendency sh...
  • selfitis
    Ayushi Jolly

    Selfitis - The selfie disorder

      With the advancement of technology comes both the advantages and the harm. The technology has given us a lot of life hacks, but the harmful addictions seem to overpower the positive influence...
  • psychology meme
    Reshma Venugopal

    Media's false portrayal of mental illness - 6 common myths busted!

    The above meme does not seem to lie as far as its expressions are concerned. It is a common battle most psychology students and experts go through on a daily basis. Numerous attempts of people from t...
  • Radhika Goel

    Is porn healthy?

      Recently, porn was banned in India and it created a lot of debate on whether everyone has a right to view what they want or is the government taking away a basic freedom from the people? Wheth...

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