7 tips to handle tyrant Boss

How to handle suffocating boss

A lot of people report having bad, unreasonable and jerk bosses. A lot of employees also spend a lot of time thinking about the bad boss and stressing over the bad treatment they got at the boss’s hand.

So, is there anything you can do to handle such a boss? Yes you can!


First things first – realistically assess the situation. How bad is your boss really? Are you just holding a grudge from an earlier time or has he actually done anything in the last week or last month to make you feel stressed? Take one week to observe and note down how many instances of such behaviour happen, and what are the patterns of it.

Type of boss:

Even bad bosses come in types.

The bully type will want to make you feel small and meaningless.

The bad communicator will have a hard time explaining what to do.

The micromanager will want to oversee each and every detail.

The saboteur would want to take credit if things are good and blame you if they are bad.

The fickle boss just has unpredictable mood swings.


 There are a few tips that can work across the boss-type, as explained below.



Communicating each step of the way and making sure you have documented on each step of the way, so that you have both the trust of the micromanager as well as the proof of a paper trail against a saboteur.


2.Stand up for yourself:

Along with the bully, the others can also be managed if you know how to be assertive. Don’t get loud or angry, but just explain your position calmly. If you don’t do this, the bullying behaviour can increase to toxic levels.


3.Keeping it professional:

The mood swings and tantrums of bosses are not to be taken personally. Make sure that even if the boss does not say so, you do tell yourself that the criticism was about a job or task, and not about your personality.



Knowing what you do about your boss, use it well by anticipating problems and planning for them. Are they likely to crib more about some aspect? Can you talk to them in advance about it?



Laughter and other forms of recreation help you take the much needed break from work and it’s stresses so that you can handle such situations better.


6.Time Out:

If you can’t quickly figure out what to do in a situation, get out of it by saying there’s a task you need to attend to or are unwell. Then figure out how to get back with the best strategy.



Sometimes, we tend to have tunnel vision and fail to see things other than those which are annoying. Remind yourself of what you like about your job, your co-workers and even your boss when he or she is not being a tyrant or a jerk.



If none of the above works and you start to have a toll on your physical and mental health, it is best to quit before more harm can be done.

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