Archive for January 2017

  • mood swing
    Prerna Sharma

    Not all mood swings are bipolar disorder.

    We often hear people saying “he got mood swings, he must be bipolar”, “her mood fluctuations are too much to handle, she is suffering from bipolar perhaps” lot of celebrities...
  • therapy or advice
    Neelima Krishnakumar

    Difference between therapy and advice

    Very often clients meet with a therapist in a confused state of mind. They meet the therapist with an inherent feeling of instability of their own minds. But this feeling has to be experienced and s...
  • cognitive behavioural therapy
    Neelima Krishnakumar

    The ultimate aim of cognitive behavioural therapy

      CBT can breakdown the sense of overwhelming problems by fragmenting them into parts. In CBT, problems are disintegrated to mainly 5 functional areas like Situations Thoughts Emotions Physical...

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