• 01 Jan
    Shiva Raman Pandey

    3 facts about choosing the right career

    choose the right career

    Let us take the example of a fish, a bird and a dog. If all three are asked to become swimmers, the fish will do really well, the dog might just scrape through and the bird will be unemployed. All three have different strengths and should not be asked to follow the same career.

    But this is exactly what we are doing to our children and youth. We want them all to become engineers, doctors and managers regardless of what their own unique strengths are.

    Three aspects which should help change this decision are:

    Health of the individual: When we like what we are doing, even if it is challenging, we experience positive stress. However, if we are forced to do things we neither like nor have the ability and aptitude for, day in and day out, we experience negative stress, burnout and many more problems. Good, engaging work is a good outlet for our energies, but work that we dislike and which confuses us, makes us feel stupid and have low self-esteem. Right from the time a child enters 5th or 6th standard we make him or her work (in the form of schools plus classes plus tuitions) for 14 hours a day, or more. Children who have had no free play time will grow up to be fidgety and unhappy adults stuck in the wrong jobs.

    The adverse effects of this are seen in the form of school-related stress, exam stress and work stress. Effects are seen on health in the form of hypertension and heart problems. Diabetes and cancer are also known to be mediated by stress. Fatigue, aches and pains and a general sense of ill health pervades. This is added to by the consumption of intoxicants undertaken in order to distract and reduce stress. Psychologically, there is a lot of anger, hopelessness and mood disturbance.

    Performance at work: When you do not play by your strengths, you are not very likely to be good at your job. The stress of this will spill into your workplace relationships, your self-esteem and your general happiness level. Even if you somehow force yourself to perform average or even good, since you are not using your strengths and are constantly feeling insecure about your abilities, it will show in your health, in aspects like new projects, promotions etc and in your satisfaction attained from work life.

    How to choose right career

    Money/income: Most people, especially parents tend to feel that the above negatives are fine as long as there is a steady and good income. But the job market also has an economy of its own. Jobs in engineering/management/medicine are limited and so are the seats. This raises the price of education, reduces its quality and floods the market with bad labour. This in turn raises unemployment. Recently, 75,000 engineering graduates applied for the post of peons. Would a parent really want to see their child in such a situation?

    Instead, if the child is allowed free play time to develop his/her personality and to find out what suits him and what are his strengths, he is much more likely to be happy, healthy and financially sound.

  • 25 Dec
    Shiva Raman Pandey

    The unconventional guide to get liked by girls

    get liked by girls


    The face or looks, the personality and the soul have a complicated relationship. The biggest question, in fact, is where does personality end and soul begin?  If you say that soul is about spirituality or religion, then it could be said that being a good person or doing good deeds is part of your personality. Given that we believe that soul and personality are linked and somewhat hard to separate.

    what is a soul

    ultimate guide for dating

    Can we get clues for soul and personality from faces, or overall looks?

    Many researchers do indicate that participants are successfully able to identify some personality traits of a person by just looking at him or her. In one study, participants were supposed to rate each other on extraversion and openness to experience, by sitting in silence with each other for 15 minutes. Therefore, it is not possible that the person talked and revealed his or her personality. It turns out that people were able to give very accurate judgements. This was cross-checked by our personality traits!

    The unconventional guide to get liked by girls

    Personality traits of leaders

    As we have seen, certain looks as well as personality traits are also preferred in leaders. Leaders, who look trustworthy, competent and dominant, are chosen both for companies and countries. People with softer and rounder features can be found in caring professions. Is this mere coincidence?

    The unconventional guide to get liked by girls

    Role of testosterone in leadership or aggression

    One plausible explanation is the role of evolutionary psychology and the chemicals and hormones linked with it. For example, testosterone in a person can mean either aggression or leadership. It essentially acts as fuel for high-power tasks. Testosterone also means that a person has higher cheekbones and wider jawbones. This could be because the in the hunter-gatherer days of humans, those men who needed to go hunting, needed wider and stronger bones as well as the chemical fuel of testosterone to do their task well.

    We intuitively know this connection and therefore we attribute aggression and dominance to men whose faces meet the above characteristics. We perhaps know this because in the Stone Age days, knowing that the person you meet is aggressive or not could be very helpful and a great deciding factor in your own survival.

    What type of face women choose for dating?

    Women tend to prefer men with both masculine and feminine features, like a mix of hard edges to the face and sensual lips or soft eyes. This, to them, suggests the perfect level of aggression required in a mate, not too much, not too little. Similarly, we are also able to tell when a person is young and healthy, from their skin tone, the glow of their eyes and their general features. From the view of mate selection, this is important knowledge.

    “If you are searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.”

    So in conclusion, some personality traits and soul characteristics are indeed linked to the way we look. However, most of this is due to human evolution and the role of certain chemicals in the same. But human beings after all, are very complex, and a minute relation of each aspect of looks to each aspect of personality has not been made yet and does not seem likely. It does not look like everything can be inferred from face or looks.

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  • 22 Dec
    Shiva Raman Pandey

    4 modern signs you feel strongly for them.

    4 modern signs you feel strongly for them


    Loving another human being and feeling the strong connection of love is perhaps the most cherishing aspect of human life. So what do you do when you are not sure whether what you feel is true, long lasting love or just an infatuation?

    There are many common aspects to love and infatuation, which can make the distinction confusing. For example, in both love and infatuation, you think about the person a lot, you want to spend time with them, and you feel strongly for them and so on. However, as the old adage says, the biggest test of love is indeed time.

    Research suggests that since infatuation is based on passion and not long lasting aspects like sense of commitment, infatuations do not last the test of time. Pretty soon, once the novelty of knowing the person and of the relationship is over, you may have no special feelings for the person. So one step you can take to assess whether it is love or infatuation is to give it some time.

    You can also ask yourself a few questions about the relationship, your feelings and your partner. Answers to those questions can also help you decide whether it is love or infatuation. Some of these questions are described below

    Do you see a future with your partner?

    Do you feel that the relationship would last long enough for it to be permanent? Can you imagine living each day with your partner and sharing your joys and sorrows, your good and bad days, your beautiful and ugly days with them? If not, then it is probably infatuation.

    What do you like about your partner?

    When you think about the partner, what comes to mind first? Is it their looks, their personality or other superficial elements, or is the connection you have with them, their honesty and their trustworthiness? If it is superficial elements that come to mind when you think about the person then what you feel for them is probably not love.

    How do you feel when you think about your partner?

    When you think about your partner, or when you are about to meet them, do you think about how you look and whether the person will like the way you look or do you feel that regardless of how I look today, I will have a good time with him/her? If you worry about your appearance too much and don’t think of happiness or commitment when thinking about the partner, then it is probably infatuation.

    Can you trust him or her with your secrets?

    In love, it is required that you are vulnerable to the other person. Can you tell your partner your secrets honestly and believe that they will not break your trust? If you cannot answer this question with a ‘yes’ with full confidence, it is probably not love.

    Relationships always change and develop. What is an infatuation now, may become love later. Let it stand the test of time, and you will get your answer.

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  • 22 Dec
    Shiva Raman Pandey

    5 Ingenious Reasons We Should Continue To Use Online Platforms

    5 Ingenious Reasons We Should Continue To Use Online Platforms

    In today’s world, friendships, dates and even marriage partners can be met online.

    Meeting someone online has many disadvantages, like not knowing how they really are, they may get time to lie or to give a response after a great thought, which means that you do not get to see their real instincts. Most of the time, you cannot see or hear the person so you don’t know much about how they look or sound. If a picture is put, it may have filters because of which you can’t see what they really look like. Despite all these disadvantages, why do we continue to use online platforms?


     The biggest asset of any online platform is the anonymity it provides. You can make a profile with any name and any photo, and the computer will be none the wiser that you are lying. You can talk to anyone and everyone and you will not be restricted by real life defaults like presentability, status and so on.


    In many countries, there are strict gender roles as well as economic restrictions which means that young people cannot freely interact with the opposite gender as often or with as many of them. Accessing an online platform gives couples and potential couples a space to explore and talk.


    Apart from an internet pack and good browsing skills, not much is needed. Therefore, online chatting is preferred. In real life if you have to meet someone, you need to get dressed, find a good location etc. Compared to all that, chatting online simply seems much more convenient.


    We can control how we appear online, by the simple click of a button. Smartphones with selfie cameras and millions of filters have made it really easy to project a fake image. A lot of times, people prefer this image of themselves to who they really are, and therefore, cling more and more to online chatting and conversation as this allows them to uphold the fake but dear version of themselves. We can also control what we say and who we speak to, again this adds to the desire to use online platforms more. Further, in dating apps like Tinder, people can be rejected with the swipe of a hand, and that gives the user a strange heady power along with control.

    5 Ingenious Reasons We Should Continue To Use Online Platforms

    5.Peer Pressure

    Lastly, all these so called useful aspects of online chatting and application are only discovered when a person uses them for the first time. We do not have a natural leaning towards online interactions. However, marketing leads to a lot of people using it, and eventually, young people feel peer pressure as compared to their friends and so they start using it themselves as well. Therefore, peer pressure is also a big reason why we start experimenting with online platforms. Youngsters swap stories of their latest conquests, thus making it a vicious cycle of use and report.


    All these benefits come without any repercussions, making us quite likely to be rude and cruel and inconsiderate when using online platforms.

     So, are we headed to a more connected world or a more disconnected one?

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  • 21 Dec
    eWellness Expert

    How to manage menstrual mood swings?


    Periods can be a tough time for many women as they may go through pain and mood swings.

    Although most women feel this to a mild degree and only on the first couple of days, for a number of women, this is a major concern.

    Below are a few tips to help you overcome the emotional hurdles and feel better during your periods.

    If, however, your problems continue, then consult a gynaecologist for further assistance.


    Eat and sleep well

    The body is going through a lot during your periods, and it’s best to make the other processes like digestion and body temperature balance by eating and sleeping well.

    Get into bed early, before midnight if possible, and get 6 to 8 hours of sleep. This will make sure that the body temperature does not go up needlessly.

    Mood disturbance is linked to feelings of discomfort and uneasiness caused by lack of self-care. Eliminate this by eating and sleeping better.

    With regards to food, have food with a lot of fibre, like fruits and vegetables as they help in making digestion smoother.

    Keep away from complex foods, alcohol and aerated drinks and foods with preservatives.


    Drink up

    The body is losing water during periods and as it is, most people do not drink as much water as they should.

    Lack of water in your body can make you feel both dehydrated and constipated.

    When you as it is have a painful abdomen and stomach, lack of water can make it worse.

    In fact, having water can help to reduce stomach bloating and make you feel lighter.

    This can help you feel emotionally better as well since our body and mind are connected.



    This refers to both mental and physical hygiene.

    Take care of your cleanliness and change your sanitary napkins and clothes frequently.

    This will help you feel clean and fresh and not dirty on unclean and that will help you feel emotionally good. Mental hygiene means to rid yourself of negative thoughts.

    People may tell you that you should not pray or go to the kitchen when on your period. These beliefs are unfounded. Do not let the rigidness of other people affect your mental state or be negative.



    Meditation and certain yoga postures are known to relieve stress and pain and to make you feel better.

    However, do not start with poses or breathing exercises which are extremely difficult.

    Meditative breathing involves the use of abdomen and has to be learnt gradually.

    Doing too much of it without practice can hurt the stomach muscles, especially during periods.



    It is important to spend some time doing what you like in order to feel better.

    Watch a movie

    read a book

    meet friends

    or be creative!

    Recreational activities that you enjoy help release dopamine, a brain chemical that can help you to feel better.

    This has a helpful effect on both your pain and the negative emotions.

    Do give these tips a shot!

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