12 Mar
Oyindrila Basu

Secrets Of Striking A Work-Life Balance.

housewife managing home and office


I wake up every morning at 7 AM, make my husband a cup of tea and sit at my office work. I am a professional mostly working in ‘work from home’ structure, well our technological innovations have made things much feasible these days.

I finish two sets of works in the first half of my timetable, which lasts until 10.00 AM. Then we have our breakfast. After about 25 minutes I resume working on my later projects, attending to the urgent issues first and the casual ones afterward.

When I speak to some of my friends, they tell me that they are having a hard time dealing with home life and work life, especially those who have children. Most of them go to the office and either complain to some folks or cry to them that their children have called them ‘bad mom’.

Well, I do not disagree that support from your home, family and society is an imperative factor for maintaining a good work-life balance, but if that is not there we have to deal with the difficulties ourselves.


  • I knew it from the first day that I have to be guilt free- there is no point being guilty if I cannot make a clear choice between family and profession. When I have to work, have to earn, what is the use of feeling myself responsible for any problem that comes to the family (of course that is not true), so no point punishing myself. Stop blaming yourself if your kids are not studying, or your electricity bill is not getting paid on right time.


  • Make a timetable, a routine for yourself, if you have a lot of responsibilities. I believe a day has 24 hours, out of which 16 hours are there for you to finish all small and big activities. Setting a proper routine will help you maintain a selective time for each work and activity, and you will hopefully finish everything without getting burdened. When you are not working with a correct format in mind, you tend to mix up things, and often linger on less important tasks.


  • Set your priorities right. Select the more important task first, and be ruthless about it. Clearly attend to your professional work and finish presentation documents if you have to submit a project the next morning, rather than playing with your kid, which can wait, or even someone else in the household can play for the evening. Do not be overridden with guilt because you are a working mom, and adhere to gaming with kids because they are demanding so, when you have some very important work.


  • Decide what you want to have. If you are satisfied with your job, and your home, you do not need to crave for more work, only for money. Take up just that much work which you can handle with passion, and that will help you maintain a healthy social and personal life, because latter is also important for good mental health.


  • Doing a lot and not loving any is foolish. Do as much as you want to do, both for your family, and profession.


  • Keep self-time. There has to be a time, when you attend only to your hobbies and entertainment or rest, do not compromise it with anything, or you will generally be stressed out.


Follow your ideologies with an upright spirit and you will never fall short on your responsibilities. You will enjoy working as well as homing.

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  • Oyindrila Basu
    Oyindrila Basu   Sep 04, 2016 09:27 PM

    Thanks a lot for your valuable opinion Anita.........I do agree that work is a significant part of life, and we love to work, if there is no work, we will be dull and bored. but the suggestion here is do as much as you want to do, and love to do. sometimes we want to work more and more, in order to get payed more...or may be adhere to something which we are not happy doing, just in order to be satisfied with the income. But when there is no job satisfaction, you cannot live happily. Secondly, when we say 'work-life' balance, by the term life, we mean 'personal life' or interpersonal relationships... Thanks again that you have given your precious time on the article.

  • Oyindrila Basu
    Oyindrila Basu   Sep 04, 2016 09:27 PM

    Multitasking has been a woman's job always.... one who is at home perhaps have heavier work to do, than an office goer. women have the capability of working with 10 imaginary hands, when she has only two in actual. now that is the significance of this post, where we are suggesting, that women should focus on whichever field of task they like. If she is satisfied being a 'home manager', she can choose to be so, if she feels that her education and her abilities as a professional needs a proper platform, in that case she has full rights to explore the avenues of corporate success and the like, but at the same time she is also expected to fulfill her responsibilities towards her family and home, and there arises the question of 'balance'. here the society needs to change its mentality, which expects more than enough from a woman. its the society which burdens a woman with the guilt that if you are a professional, you are possibly not doing what you are supposed to for your house, as long as this thought process does not change, the discussion on 'balancing' will continue. mentality can't be changed in a day, so the article tries atleast to relieve the powerful women for the time-being so that they can find a way out for their contemporary problem, be it home makers or professionals. women, do not feel guilty for working or not working, just enjoy life the way you want to...

  • Shiva Raman Pandey
    Shiva Raman Pandey   Sep 04, 2016 09:17 PM

    Many concepts vary from one culture to another and we should feel happy that there is tremendous change along with time. I can mostly talk in the Indian context, where 50 years ago, it was rare to find a working woman, slowly the ratio got better but still the career options were limited and not all jobs were open for women. Today we see women can work almost everywhere. What still needs to change is the mindset that Anita pointed out. For a full time home maker, almost everyone thinks she is at home and has no work worth mentioning. They are called housewife.

    Home manager, not house wife

    We do see a change happening and I am very positive about it.

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