16 Mar
Oyindrila Basu

The Power to Defeat Anxiety Lies In The Pose

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 “I am happy now; I am a worker; I love my job; I am getting paid well; I do not fall short on anything. Nowadays, I am not even stressed with the ugly situations going on in my in-laws’ house, because I am with Prateek in Bangalore, and we plan to stay here at present. However, what, if I again have to go back! What if the quarrels start over and this time even worse! Oh! My God, I can see sasuma taunting me because I am working on my kheer in my own style. I can see; she is bringing in my education and upbringing in the argument, and I am shouting, badly shouting. Oh no! not again. I do not want to go back, but what if the project in Bangalore ends! Oh! I can’t think anymore; I am stressed out,” Rashmi pondered- Story of a common housewife, Anonymous.

The question ‘what if’ is the cause of all evil in the mind.

The predictive analysis about future consequences leads to anxiety, which burdens our mind.

Even if we are good now, what if this good doesn’t last long! This is anxiety, where we keep asking some vague questions to ourselves about a problematic situation, and when there is no answer, our mind starts visualizing some horrific life images, which may be related to some past experiences.

We start panicking, sweating and worrying, which affects our mental health. Anxiety brings with it a negative vibration which is not good for physical health as well. It can raise our blood pressure and cause hypertension for some people.

Sometimes, serious problems cause anxiety. If we are scared and fear to face our fears, any complex situation can make us worried, leading to stress. Worry about new job, new married life, unstable work-life, children’s education, relocation can make you anxious.

If we can remove anxiety, we can stay a lot healthier.

Stop predicting your future. What will have to happen, will happen. You can try for a better future with your hard work and honest efforts, but ‘what if something goes wrong’; you cannot solve a messy situation beforehand, if it has to happen. Rather, if you keep pondering about what can happen bad, you will ruin your present state of comfort as well.

Well, the above suggestion is not so easy to follow. Fear of the terrible, haunts each one of us. Even though we are wise, and we know, future will bring its own elements along, we cannot stop worrying, because we feel, maybe by worrying, we can finally hit on a solution.

To feel healthier, the nervousness should be removed.

Power Pose helps a person regain his confidence.

If you stand straight with your head high, and both arms folded on your waist, for 2 minutes, this posture can infuse in you, positive vibes with which you feel powerful, and on top of the world. Actions tend to affect our emotions gravely. What we do, matters the way we feel.

Hence if we stand like a boss in our ‘Power Pose’, we feel like one, this helps brush-off the nervousness which makes us anxious.

Social psychologist Ammy Cuddy discusses in her TED video how “power posing” — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident — can affect 20% increase in testosterone and 25% decrease in cortisol levels in the brain, and might have a significant impact on our chances for success.

She has conducted her experiments in The Harvard School of Business and concluded The so-called “power pose” is characterized by “open, expansive postures”—Slate’s Katy Waldman described it as akin to “a cobra rearing and spreading its hood to the sun, or Wonder Woman with her legs apart and her hands on her hips.”


In a paper published in 2010, Ammy and her collaborators, Dana Carney and Andy Yap confirmed that posing in a ‘high-power nonverbal display’ can change our lives and hormones resulting neuro-endocrinal and behavioural changes in both male and females- in short, high posing individuals have their head tall and hence there is an increase of testosterone levels in their brain, in contrast to low-postured stooping individuals who automatically feel powerless and nervous because of their actions.

Apart from this, high postured yoga and meditation can also help fight your anxiety.

Anxiety makes every situation an emergency, so to get instantaneous relief you can practice this posing, or you may go for a 5-minutes nap, which can dissuade the thoughts and relax your mind.

Just practice it, and you will regain your confidence. You will proudly move with a high head; anxiety will evacuate your brain, and well-being will come in.



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  • Oyindrila Basu
    Oyindrila Basu   Sep 04, 2016 09:26 PM

    Thanks for your valuable comment on the article Aweke Shishigu. It is really important what you said, and in future we can definitely find out a significant strategy for reducing math anxiety too :) But existence of anxiety is important is a disagreeable idea for me, as I believe that stress and anxiety are derogatory for your mental soundness. the more relaxed you are, the better you can perform. what I mean is, the need to succeed should be there, but the confused hasty will only make a person take incorrect decisions. In simple words, the more we panic, the more we hurry in our mind, the more our practical actions are delayed.

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