22 May
Sareeta Behera

Win Over Getting ‘Laid Off’ with Professional and Personal Finesse

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Streaks of pain, hopelessness and agonies strike the moment you get the news about getting laid off. This news and the entire process related to it are some potential threats that can shatter your personal and professional life. Low self-confidence, financial crunches, overwhelming burden of responsibilities, social stigmatization, peer group and professional prejudice, feelings of worthlessness and helplessness…..getting laid off can mar your life and productivity in manifold ways.

However, there is still hope lingering at your doorstep. With some effective steps you can win over getting laid off, start your professional career afresh and add more credibility to it. eWellness Expert brings you the 3Ps method of dealing with getting laid off and bouncing back into a successful professional benchmark again. With the management of Personal, Professional and Psychological aspects of getting laid off, you can overcome its aftermath with ease. Just scroll down and start building your professional life afresh:

Personal Management:

Tip #1: It is quite natural to feel dejected and hopeless when you get laid off. That may seem like the end of the world too. And you will find very few people who can actually empathize with what you are going through. Under such circumstances, try not to harm yourself or others. That will only lead to more painful situations. Try to keep calm as much as possible and take some quality time out for yourself.

Tip #2: Practice ‘Pranic Breathing’ to enhance your feel-good factor and cognitive potentialities. Pranic Breathing involves a 3-step breathing process. Just sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a deep breath. While inhaling, think and feel that you are taking in positive energies and spark within yourself. Then hold your breath for a few seconds by meditating that the positive energies that your inhaled is getting absorbed by your body and mind. And finally while exhaling out; you need to feel that all the negative thoughts and energies within you are being expelled out in the form of black smoke. You can continue this for 5-6 rounds. You will feel even better if you can add your favourite music in the background.

Tip #3: Don’t hesitate to ask for help in case you get laid off. We all need help at some or the other point of our lives and the whole human civilization is a team effort. So, ask for help if you need to and respect the fact that you are making yourself ready to overcome the phase of getting laid off by this simple yet strong gesture of seeking help.

Tip #4: Believe in yourself. There would have been multiple occasions in which you would have fought the most difficult battles of your life. Getting laid off can be overwhelming indeed. But, having faith in yourself, believing in yourself will give you a lot of strength to walk with your chin high again.

Professional Management:

Tip #5: Things can lead to professional disasters if you don’t manage your professional platform after getting laid off. So, just try to stay strong and hold on to your professional integrity. Do not indulge into shooting negative remarks emails or negative communications as such. This may turn the tide against you. Getting laid off has its own reasons and dynamics. Therefore, try to maintain your professional dignity and professional behaviour in an appropriate manner. This will not sabotage your professional-social integrity and open promising and fulfilling doors in the future.

Tip #6: Professional Relationship Management. Instead of breaking up all ties with your team mates and colleagues, you need to continue having a good professional relationship with them. This will enhance your social support system and may lead to more promising job profiles.

Tip #7: Don’t sign off too fast and make term clear with your HR. Before you decide to hand over everything to your office and sign off a leaving document, make sure to read through every minute detail of it before you sign it. Talk with the HR about the possible situations and repercussions of the professional terms. Think a thousand times before you finally sign off.

Tip #8: Update your professional portfolio. Nothing is lost before you yourself let go. With a strong belief in your potentialities, expertise and experiences, update your resume and professional portfolio again. No matter for how much time you would have worked in your last company, you would certainly have gained certain skills, got exposure to newer technologies and professional development. So, it’s high time to update your resume and apply in other professional set ups that you truly deserve and organisations that will respect your potentials. Uploading your resume and portfolio in online job portals, getting recommendations and referrals is also a good idea to bounce over getting laid off and landing in your dream job.

Psychological Management:

Tip #9: Vent it out. Psychologists warn that pent up thoughts, feelings and emotion can lead to serious physical and psychological ailments. Just go ahead and vent out all the stacked up thoughts and feelings with someone who can help you or whom you trust. If you don’t want to do that, you can open a free online journal writing profile where you can write anything you want. The online journal portals are free of cost and maintain every confidentiality with your writing as you would be having your own log in id and password.

Tip #10: Add a closure to your negative thoughts. Getting laid off leads to innumerable negative thoughts; culminating in pulling you back and making you totally helpless. Try the thought stop and shift method to put an end to your negative thoughts. All you need to do is take a deep breath, close your eyes and mentally shout the word STOP in your mind. Following this, you need to shift your thoughts into some constructive things or aspects that make you feel better.

Tip #11: Do a self SWOT Analysis. Take some time out for yourself and reflect on your SWOT i.e. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat. Once you know yourself better you can work on to maximize your strengths and opportunities while combating your weaknesses and threats. The more insight you have about yourself, the better sooner you will land in your next job.

Tip #12: Managing your time. Avoid procrastinating and killing time when you get laid off. Putting things for later will delay your endeavours of getting accomplished yet again. A wise step would be not to stress yourself out and get restless, rather taking of well-pacified steps forward.

Tip #13: Prioritize your action plan. Most of the people who fail to flip back after getting laid off are due to the flaws in their priority lists. They end up messing up everything. Make a priority list of the different companies you want to apply in, the skill set that it requires and a structured action plan to hit the bull’s eye.

Tip #14: Practice Positive Affirmations and Positive Thinking. When you get laid off, it is next to impossible to think and act in a balanced way. You need to tap yourself time and again so that you can balance your emotions, thought processes and proceed accordingly. Give yourself positive suggestions to boost your self-esteem, confidence, positive spirit and the vigor to stand upright.

If you are finding it way too difficult to handle getting laid off, eWellness Expert can help you overcome it through effective and confidential online counselling and therapies. We are just a click away from you. Please feel free to visit www.ewellnessexperts.com and give us the opportunity to accomplish yourself professionally again.


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  • Sareeta Behera
    Sareeta Behera   Jun 17, 2017 03:49 PM

    Self-analysis works wonders in knowing our strengths, pitfalls, potentialities and groom ourselves for the better! Life's journey becomes a bit easier with it.

  • sobha vanshal
    sobha vanshal   May 25, 2017 02:54 PM

    Thank you great post. We should analyse ourselves, to know our weakness and strength.