04 Aug
Priya Parwani

Work-life balance made easy

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The 21st century is the century of modernity, technology, inventions, work load, and success. Industries, start ups, and online jobs are booming at a rapid pace. Everyone wants to earn money, no matter from which part of the world. Our professional world is, therefore, a major part of our life. An individual’s beginning of a professional career usually begins at the age of 23. So, according to this present scenario, it would not be wrong to say, that in the zeal to excel professionally, we end up losing our personal balance.

Our professional lives take the most of our time as there exists an undeniable cutthroat competition all around us. We all want to be financially stable, enjoy certain luxuries, and for all our material desires, we need to work. However, we tend to prioritize our professional life over our personal lives, which hinders our personal balance. Following are the tips that people should follow if they wish to lead a balanced life, despite working:

  1. Take time out for yourself
    We, as humans, love to relax and take days off for a break.  Take out 30-40 minutes for yourself each day to give time to your hobbies. Feed your soul with the things you love doing. Enjoy your 'me time' as this will rejuvenate you from the stress.

  2. Prioritize your health
    It has been rightly said, "health is wealth". Health is the most important thing and we should not take it for granted. To maintain proper health and work, we must extract some time for exercise.  If we aren’t physically well, we would end up taking leaves and not work anyway. So, focus on your fitness and health. Drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet to lead a healthy life.

  3. Have personal life goals
    It's important to have someone in your life who can stand by you through the dusk and dawn. For a healthy lifestyle, we should spend some time of our day with our loved ones and indulge in meaningful conversations with them. Having a good plan for personal life is as important as having a good plan for our professional life.

  4.  Be with successful and balanced people
     Surround yourself with people who have a good work-life balance as they can motivate you to have an equal balance in your life.

  5. Be more productive
    We can save a lot of time by avoiding unproductive activities like scrolling through social media every few minutes or hours. We should spend our time on some recreational activities instead and read more books which make us more efficient and productive.

  6. Do what makes you happy
    Life is too short to work for something which does not make you happy. If you are spending your time on things which don’t excite you, it's better to not do them anyway. If you’re chasing the wrong things in life, how will you ever succeed?

  7. Make a proper schedule and stick to it
    To schedule our day is one of the most important things for us to do. We all should have our day planned in such a manner that we get time for ourselves as well as for our work.

  8. Plan a trip once in a year
    Yes, rejuvenation is a must and especially in this era where we all are surrounded by so many stressors. Take your loved ones out for a vacation, or maybe for a regular outing. Do something which you don't do on regular basis.

  9. Communicate efficiently
    When we share our problems, we are half the way towards solving them. Whether it's a workplace problem or personal life problem, one must be able to communicate effectively.

  10. Avoid intermingling of professional and personal lives
    We should be able to distinguish between both, our professional and personal lives and should understand that home is a not place where our office should be. Due to the rising usage of technology, although ‘work from home’ seems to be a convenience for many of us, we cannot deny that it eats up our family time. At home, we ought to devote our time to our families, spend some quality time and listen to our loved one's daily happenings but we end up sitting in front of the screens each day. Our family deserves our time, and so do we. Therefore, it is imperative to leave the work at the workplace. 

 work life balance

Always remember, that to lead a healthy life, we need to maintain a balance between our work and our personal lives. We have to remember that what matters the most in our life is our happiness.

We should work in a way which pushes us to achieve success, happiness and yet have meaningful relationships. We must have equilibrium between work and life so that we can be happy in and out.

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  • Sanjna Verma
    Sanjna Verma   Sep 02, 2017 08:41 PM

    A well written piece and as you mentioned that this skill of balancing work and personal life is so much needed in today's date. All the points you provided gives one life goals and how to be happily successful in our lives. I loved this line wherein you mentioned that happiness is the thing which matters the most in our lives.

    People have become so ambitious these days that they have completely forgotten to take care of their physical, mental and emotional needs. They don't even think of discussing their needs to someone close to them as they have had  already lost hold of those relations due to excessive responsibility of work undertaken. But it is really important to vent out our emotions to someone close to us and it provides a lot of relief.

    One should plan their activities and as you said, that it is important to plan equally well enough for both professional as well as personal lives.



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