19 Nov
Shiva Raman Pandey

Psychological Techniques To Reduce Stress And Be Happy

 How to reduce stress and live happy life


Much of the stress and tension we feel these days is too much for our fragile minds. Our minds were not meant for such a fast paced lifestyle. Our life has become too fast whereas our mind has not evolved as much to catch up with it. Although we have a marvelous brain, evolutionarily, only in recent history have we started to live in civilizations. This blog will talk about three key techniques that can reduce the artificialness of our existence, which while by default fix many of the problems and pave the way to happiness.

The techniques are explained below:

a. Mindfulness: Mindfulness is the single most important skill to being happy. Mindfulness means non-judgemental acceptance of what happens. A lot of our psychic energy goes in denial of our circumstances. Acceptance does not mean resignation to these circumstances, in fact, acceptance is the first step to change.

Mindfulness is a way of life in which you do only one thing at a time, and do not put your mind through the frying task of mult-tasking. Doing this makes sure that there is the best possible outcome of that task, and it is satisfying too, plus the mind is not hassled or stressed.

b. Gratitude: In a culture of materialism, it may always feel like we do not have enough. Study after study has shown that activities that encourage gratitude have made significant differences in clinical disorders like depression. Make a list of aspects of your life that you hold dear to yourself, that if gone, would make you unhappy. If it is people then make sure you tell them that you are grateful for them in your life. Having an attitude of gratitude makes sure that we do not devalue our life and it’s cherished aspects the moment something bad happens. Not only does it make us more happy in general but also takes care of the stress levels

c. Real interactions: We are on our phones and other devices for too long, not wanting to miss out on anything. But so much news about our friends and acquaintances triggers a deep-rooted social comparison which makes us unhappy. Instead, time should be spent in real-time interactions with not only trusted people, but with hands on hobbies, walks and other interactions with nature, with helping out people and animals and making sure that an experience was had, a time well-spent and not just a click-worthy moment. Many of us are busy, and the trick is to not squeeze as much as life as possible in the free moments, but to do one thing or two, but do it completely, satisfyingly and well.

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