23 Nov
Shiva Raman Pandey

Anxiety Before Exam And Results

 How to handle Anxiety Before Exam And Results


Tips to control Anxiety before exam and results


Anxiety before exam and results is an increasingly prevalent phenomenon in students of all age these days.

Even if the student has worked hard for the exam, they still continue to be anxious.


The problem is a big one, with high number of student suicides around board exams. As a community, as parents, teachers and students, we can all help to manage this issue.

Here are some tips to control anxiety before exam and results:


  1. When preparing for the exam, make sure to use efficient study tips like mnemonics, breaks, a proper study schedule, and note-making, in order to increase your retention.


  1. Revising will boost your confidence. Sleep is very important in making sure that you remember what you have learnt and also in keeping anxiety under control.


  1. When you have anxious thoughts, talk to yourself about how you have done the best and whatever you could. Anxiety provoking thoughts if extreme can be dealt with the help of a counselor.


  1. As parents, siblings and friends, make sure not to pressurize the examinee to get good marks or make them feel that they will not be respected or loved if they get less marks.


  1. It is important to give a clear message that an exam is just an exam and nothing more, and their performance on one exam does not equate to their self-worth as a person.


  1. A lot of relatives have the habit of calling up students around the time results are being announced or the day the results are announced. Ordinarily, since they do not call on other times but only for the result, the student can feel judged, especially if the result is not what was expected.


  1. If you can, as a parent, keep the child’s contact with such relatives minimal, or talk to your child about not taking such relatives seriously.


  1. The most important part is to address the fear of exams and results, by dispelling the myths and by providing love and concern, and by nor pressurizing or judging. There should be other conversations with family and friends, apart from just exams. Talk about hobbies, interest, skills and people.


  1. Make sure to spend time in doing fun activities like games, outings and picnics. Once we give the student the assurance that they have tried their best and if after that the result isn’t great, it’s OKAY, that life goes on and that there will be many more achievements to make, then the anxiety will automatically go down.

Anxiety is nothing but the thoughts that crowd the mind with regards to a fear of failure. Remove the fear and anxiety will go down, making the student more efficient and productive.

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  • amit kumar mishra
    amit kumar mishra   Dec 24, 2015 01:09 PM

    Great tips. Exams results are just marks not life so don't take that serious.

  • leena mittal
    leena mittal   Dec 24, 2015 01:08 PM

    Thank you reelly feel more come n ready to get the papers.

  • shreya t
    shreya t   Dec 24, 2015 01:06 PM

    thank you
    for encouraging me.........

  • ramesh sonker
    ramesh sonker   Dec 24, 2015 01:05 PM


  • atul shrama
    atul shrama   Dec 24, 2015 01:03 PM

    Thanks this helped soooo much. Managed to calm myself down..