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Shiva Raman Pandey

A home away from home-Battling homesickness

A home away from home-Battling homesickness


Are you away from home for work or study reasons?

It is quite natural for you to miss home, especially if this is the first time you have moved. A major part of leaving home is not just about home, but also about a change in identity. Where and how we live, as well as our interactions with friends and family are a major part of our identity and it takes some time for the change to sink in and for you to adjust well to it.

The following could be described as homesickness:

  • If you have feelings of reminiscence or nostalgia for home, a tight knot in the stomach thinking of how this new life will be.
  • If you feel unable to concentrate on the tasks you need to do or get up from bed, because the situation where you have moved to is too unfamiliar and you are not getting used to it despite a month or so having passed.
  • If you are having aches and pains without any physical cause, falling ill frequently, losing appetite or sleep, and live from one phone call from home to the next.


If you are indeed feeling homesick, then the following tips may be helpful to you:

  • Take care of physical health: When you are feeling a little low and homesick, it is quite easy to ignore your health. Feeling unwell will further remind you of home. So make sure to eat and sleep well and take your doctor’s help for ailments.
  • Go out: Going out with friends at the new workplace or university or visiting places like cinemas, museums, art shows etc when you are free are a good way to spend your time and they stimulate your mind and give you something to think about. They will also help you have good moments, just like you used to have when you were home.


  • Someone to talk to: Often, home means having someone to talk to. Find trustworthy friends or counselors in the new place so that you don’t feel that you need to keep all your emotions trapped inside you because you aren’t home.


  • A new hobby: If you have time on your hands, take up a new hobby or language. The brain needs to pay a lot of attention when learning a new skill and this can help you get over repeated thoughts of going home.


  • Get busy: Try to get your deadlines completed, in terms of school schedules or work. Getting your work done will keep you busy and give a sense of accomplishment. This will help you feel that even though you don’t like being away from home, you are doing it for a reason, and slowly you will adjust better to the new place.


If after trying all these tips you still feel nostalgic and homesick, you can try arranging a trip home to see if that makes you feel better. You may want to see a counselor or mental health professional if nothing else seems to help.

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