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5 ways to be your hubby’s girlfriend

5 ways to be your hubby’s girlfriend


It is quite easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of married life. However, if you don’t work on keeping the relationship young, it can deteriorate pretty quickly. So, how do you keep your relationship young at heart, despite the lack of novelty which can occur in marriage? Here are a few tips. It is easy to become your husband’s girlfriend again and bring back the old charm.

 ways to be your hubby’s girlfriend


To take your husband for granted. When dating, couples make sure to make each other feel special. Sharing the same roof has its own pitfalls.

You wake up next to a snoring, unkempt man and this may clash with your image of the boyfriend you used to have. This can easily make you overlook his good aspects and think of him as just another family member. Remind yourself that despite you two not being at your ‘Sunday best’ all the time, there is something beautiful in each of you, and that is what you fell in love with.

After noting down his unique and special aspects, make sure you praise him for these aspects or behaviors. If he helps you out with household tasks or bills or grocery shopping, or intervenes in a fight between you and your mother-in-law to restore calm, make sure to thank him for those and reinforce this by giving a hug or more.


Although too much independence can make you two distant, some amount of independence in the relationship is healthy and vital. Let him have his boys’ nights and make sure to have fun on your own as well. Indulge in hobbies or meet your friends and relatives. When you spend your time apart and rejuvenate, that helps to come back to each other with a fresher mind.

Dressing up

When dating, couples try to look their best for each other. This behavior subsides after marriage as things become routine. However, dress up every now and then just for him, even if there’s no occasion. This will make him feel special. Similarly, you can use this as a precursor to go out on date nights, and hopefully follow it with lovemaking. Assure him that you are still romantically and sexually aroused by him and enjoy yourself with him.


Nothing is as big a treat in a relationship as a surprise or kind gesture. Take up some of his load or make something special for him or get him a special gift for him without an occasion. One idea is to treat his friends to a dinner at home so that he feels that you really care about him and his relationships.


Men like to talk more about facts, analysis and actions and women want to vent more and talk about their emotions. Both these talks are important. Tell your husband when you want to vent beforehand, so that he doesn’t start suggesting solutions which may annoy you. This helps to improve communication. Also make an effort to recognize the unique personality of your husband and let him know you love him for what he is.

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