24 Jan
Oyindrila Basu

What Is Bullying?-A Social Stigma



Do you get something in common with the picture above?...


you got it right.

The next day when you find a new episode of #SavdhaanIndia portray a #DamselInDistress, because she is being bullied over internet, or a man at his workplace being bullied with extra workload, waive your hands to the fullest, and say a big “NO”, to this stigma, BULLYING....


From #Virus, bullying his engineering students, to #KhiladiKumar pulling the pony tails of college girls in “Khudko Kya Samajhti Hai…”,riding a bike and teasing the girls- each time, bullying has evoked a big laughter among the audience, i.e. us… all of us seem to adore these qualities of our Hindi film heroes, because eventually the heroine falls in love with the hero, because he had bullied her :) (Poor Virus! Better luck next time you lose some weight)


So why the nation has turned suddenly, against this word “Bullying”? probably because, it is no longer practised in fictions, but in feel.


Now what this bullying actually is?


All of us, at some point of our lives, have been a witness to this term or activity called “bullying”. This apparently seeming light term, has been explained by wikipedants as a kind of force, threat or coercion exerted to dominate others.


Mocking, abusing, harsh patting, ridiculing are all different expressions of bullying, i.e. making the laughing stock of another person, by ganging up together in a group, who is not rough and tough, and may bear some physical or emotional weakness, may be termed as bullying.


If we put it straight away, whenever a jolly good #Dude tries to pull the ass of a poor #Geek (please pardon my language) this #EmotionalAtyachaar is called bullying, though this may not receive so much of TRP on #UTVBindass 


#ClassroomBullying is a very common issue, which generally does not receive the terminology of a problem, because, it ranges from simple pulling of hair, patting on the back, verbal irritating to beating up or stealing for scaring the other person.


Each one of us have been a subject to this kind of experience in our schools, where the girl on the next bench would scare us by saying “I will complain to the teacher that you were cheating”, when you were actually not doing anything of that kind, or “give me your tiffin, or I will smash your face”and you numbly do so in fear of walking the corridors with a swollen face.


In such a situation, what should a peace-loving child do?

1.Adhere to the regular pressures and traumas?

2.Avoid going to school?

3.Change school or atleast change section of your class?


No, that’s not the solution. Bullying can be a prolonged situation, if you are a silent receiver. It can come anywhere you go, or in any form, if you are passive to it. In a positive institution like school (where the first seed for a master brain, is often sown) this kind of misdeed should have some strict punishment, else it can leave a permanent mark on the character building process of the child.


But children should first learn to speak for themselves. Teachers and administrators are there to solve your problem in school, and your bullying senior or classmate is not the #UltimateSovereign in the institution, subjects of bully should first realise that.


First day in school or college, filled with incidences of ridicule from your seniors, in-front of your co-mates, can be persuasive enough to quit speaking.

 Fear of the child is the key to the ravening claws of bullying. Once you come across such an incident, immediately, bring it to the notice of your higher authority, in case of educational institutions, to your teachers. Yes, you might feel worried, that complaining might have adverse effects on the next day, but winning over your fear is the #PrimeJob then can you proceed further towards a solution.


Silence does not guarantee that this kind of mental shock won’t occur to you again. So it is better #SpeakForJustice and face what may come.

 “Bullying started for me when I was in first grade, I had no friends. I would always try to fit in but they would always push me away. In second grade it got worse. Then I had 2 "friends" but after they started to insult me………………………” (Su, to The National Bullying Prevention Centre)


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  • leena mittal
    leena mittal   Jan 04, 2016 03:46 PM

    aapke sabhi post ko mai hamesha hi padti hun bahut hi achhe aur jankari se bhare hue rahte hai ..

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