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 In my first article on bullying, we had left the case of Su at a precarious stage, where she acquired two new friends.


Did she get solace then? No, there was no change in her situation, these new friends of hers found some new opportunity to insult her publicly, and because of her feeble nature, she could do nothing but cry.


Every year a huge number of such bullying cases take place all across the world, some of which are registered, but most are overlooked.


The primary statistics could not appropriately record the exact number, but approximation could be done based on the available reports, that 38% of young people are affected by cyber bullying, where in form of abusive texts or mails. A counselling institution by the name of Child Helpline International records that out of 126 million #TelephonicChildCounsellorConversation 4million were based on abuse and bullying.


Here are some of the instances taken from real-life experiences of people which signify that bullying is a horrible thing-


#Sarah Lynn Butler from Hardy, Arkansas was a promising, young lady, who committed suicide because she was constantly stalked and irritated with disturbing messages on her #MySpace page. According to her mother, she recurrently kept checking on her account to ensure the absence of trash messages, and finally she disjointed herself from the social platform, but when that did not help, she finally hung herself. This is an incident of #cyber bullying which is growing highly in the recent years.


We have already discussed that letting out what you see and feel within and help you cope with your grievances, but what if the institution heads don’t take your words seriously?


This is what happened with Inaya, the daughter of Rehema, when they moved to a school of London. We take up what she actually quoted in her biography:

“The school thought that she was just not making an effort to settle in. Even the teacher would joke about how she was keeping herself to herself. It got out of hand very quickly. At one point, she was being called a “bounty” (white in the inside, black on the outside). This group of girls initiated a competition about how many jokes they could do with the word bounty in it. No one in her classroom was talking to her really”. ………………………………………. “Inaya did not even feel she could complain to her tutor because from day one he had been part of this. I think that him joking about my daughter in class had in some ways opened the door to the bullying.” 


It is sad, that bullies are all around us in different forms, sometimes, people whom we think as our developer, our mentors start tormenting us, in order to satisfy their ego, and insatiate their lives’ fun element.


I can recall the year, when I was in the fifth standard, and I heavily suffered and paid the price of being bullied by my teacher. (name not mentioned) She somehow did not like me, because she could not make me praise or butter her, or do as per her choice. My personal decisions have always been my own, and I never wished to follow the guidelines of others when it came to decide on friends, food, clothing, and other such personal decisions. I would never obey someone, and break my friendship with a classmate, only because my class teacher would suggest so. Thus followed the consequences, and she would not miss a single opportunity to humiliate me in-front of the class, or punish me unjustly.

 In fact, once when I was on a 7days permitted vacation, she made it a point, that no one (be it from my section or the other) should give me the study materials for the period that I was away, so that my mid-term exams could fall on face. If someone dared to do so, she scolded and humiliated that girl as well.

She had the derogatory mind to compete with an eleven-year old kid. Bullying satisfied her. She gained pleasure if she could defeat me round wise.

When there is a loophole in the system itself, it is difficult to stand against it, but fighting spirit is the last word. The spirit to acknowledge, that though the world be against you, but you are right, gives you an inner strength to prove yourself, to prove your point, and be assertive to your decisions, as it did in my case.

I could not possibly complain to anyone else, when my teacher was against me, and her perspective, turned my parents against me.

But I stood up against this misdemeanour. I would not take this wrong doing with me.

I decided to work harder, even harder, so that I could bring up excellent results, even without her suggested study materials.

I dealt with this situation with courage, I slowly began ignoring her harsh comments, and that worked. She was letting loose now, she knew, there was no way she could scare me any further. I knew what I was doing, and she is not the ultimate #Sovereign.


Bullying is very much prevalent in the fields of sports, corporate houses, government sectors and competitive exams where every individual tries to overtake the other, by inappropriate means.


Bullying is also viewed in our daily meagre life-style, like in buses and trains.


#Padma Shukre, a regular local train passenger of Mumbai reported that often in long distance journeys, normal passengers have to face bullying in local trains. Those who recurrently travel in the long distance routes, bully the new ones, by blocking the seats with newspapers. And if someone new, by chance manages to take a seat in these trains, they are threatened such that they are forced to leave the so called reserved seat.


Imagine! Local trains, which have thousands of people hanging themselves from the doorways every day, denies seat to someone, who luckily manages to find one. So how can the crowd be conformed and managed. Unfortunately, such issues remain unresolved, unless you put up your strength. But proper method is required.


There lies the secret, as to how you can use this strength with positivity is a question.


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