24 Jan
Oyindrila Basu

Bullying-Role of society

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So you see, it’s not that difficult. When we spoke about overcoming your fears in our second article, we mentioned that it all starts with you.


Once you are able to ascertain yourself, that you won’t take any kind of misdeed from anyone, you can strengthen yourself, and take a step forward towards effacing cowardice.


When you are done with that, you can protest against any crime or grody actions, happening with or around you.


But there has to be a proper way. You have to have the courage, as well as the common sense, if you want to deal with these activities.


#Role of school to stop bullying: 

Bullying at school(by classmates) can be taken up to the class-teacher first. For that, parents should priorly be aware that their child is being bullied in school regularly. They should talk with their child, if they find he/she is behaving abnormally, or refusing to go to school. Instead of scolding them, try to be patient and know what is going on, what kind of ridicule is he/she facing. Only after that, can you write up officially to the authority. If you find the teacher is not taking any actions, and the bullying doesn’t stop, cheer up your child, and encourage him, go with him to report it to the principal or administrator in general. Do not hesitate, you know you can always reach out to the Education Minister! Well at least you can claim so.


Role of family to stop bullying: 

DomesticBullying is a personal context where it is imperative for every member of the family, to understand each other. Instead of fighting for superior roles and priority positions; it is better, each one tries to coexist in harmony. That can come, only when they include some rationality in their thoughts and deal with domestic #TuTuMainMain with sensibility, rather than the collateral competitive spirit (please show it where required :D).


In the fourth article of the series, we quoted the story of # Barkha Menghani, a subject of #TrainBullying, but she no longer can be called a passive subject. As per the Mumbai Mirror, she stood up against this nasty custom. She tried calling the Government Railway Police Helpline number, when that was not responding, she called up Alok Bohra, the Senior Divisional Security Commissioner of the Railway Protection Force, and her fair luck managed to get her there. The next day, RPF lady constables were sent on the train with Barkha, and when the bullies started the same tricks with them, thinking they were civilians; they were taken as convicts and boarded down the train. Decisions will be taken on their penalty for causing nuisance and disturbance for fellow passengers.


#KyunkiSaasBhiKabhiBahuThi, please remember this for rectification of your relations, and not bullying. And for the ‘bahus’, please remember in your conducts, there can be another epic soap titled “Kyunki Bahu Bhi Kabhi Saas Banegi”. :D


#Cyber bullying has various laws against it. If you are receiving any obnoxious texts or mails, immediately take it to the police without hesitation, whether you know or not know the sender. If you are right, no one can damage your reputation, for it is not #AHouseOfCards, which will fall if some #TomDickAndHarry just blows up some foolish comments on you publicly. Take a step before it’s too late. Discuss your problem with your friends and close relations, they can sometimes suggest ideas which you may not have thought earlier.


‘saath jut jao, aur ulloo de pathhe ko mazaa chakhaao’ 


Increase your general knowledge on what are the new rules coming out #AntiBullying.


If you are a witness or subject to bullying, talk to your neighbours and friends, on relevant cases, if they have witnessed any, to find a suitable solution.


Read law guides or browse the net, to get the relevant information presiding over your locality, regarding bullying or harassment. Know who are the related people to be communicated in the authority, if you are in need as a citizen of your country.


 When you have the resort of all this, your fear will automatically diminish, because it is a proven fact, that helps or supports something or someone can easily help you to cope with your phobias.

 And if you can find nothing, you know-

“ewellnessexpert ke haath, janta ke saath



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  • ramesh sonker
    ramesh sonker   Jan 04, 2016 03:33 PM

    mujhe bhi kabhi kabhi aisa lagta  humisse kaise chhutkara pa sakte hai

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