24 Jan
Oyindrila Basu


chewing gum

Surprised? Me too.

Suddenly feeling nostalgic about my school days, when we would love to have those boxes of #Chicklets or #BigBubble, the latter was more interesting, because a balloon often came out of the chewing process.


But if adults should underestimate its worth, halt! These little bits of chewy, juicy mint gums can create bigger wonders than just blow balloons.


Recent studies have found out that chewing gum has the capacity to accelerate alertness. Continuous chewing or chomping on something, increases blood flow to the brain, which in turn, helps us to be attentive.


It produces higher levels of insulin, which stimulates certain areas of the brain which are responsible for #ResponseGeneration.


A Japanese organization performed a test equally on men and women, where they were to press a button with their right or left finger, as a response, depending on the direction of the arrow, shown on the screen. Half were given chewing gums to chew, and the rest were not. In the 30minutes program, it was observed that the ones who chewed continuously, responded as early as, within 493 milliseconds, while the latter group took 545 milliseconds for the same task.


Doctors and researchers have also reported that chewing constantly, interferes with short-term memory functioning and makes you more attentive, and consequentially results in better retention of memory.


So all our mothers from Bengal (even outside that), discard your bottle of #Brainolia and give your child something like #CentreFresh.


The American Dental Association also declared shortly, that sugar-free chewing gums can actually mend your gums, by treating cavity and builds strong teeth, besides keeping you exempt from bad breath.


These reports are soon going to boost up the sale of chewing gum, for all brands across the world.


No longer can the tag “Sanju, daant sadh jayenge”, be applied to chewing gum, yes, chocolates are exceptions, as they do not have the chewable quality.


However, the bloating stretchable stuff has more miracles in its name.


#NutritionalNeuroscience added its reports to the already available fact that chewing gum is positive for attention, when they declared that chewing a gum can actually produce impressive effects, while someone is asleep. Chewing gums often sub dues the feeling of hunger in your brain as most of them has a small sugar content, i.e. carbohydrate.


The act of chewing is rewarding, as it keeps you active, and gives a notion that nutrients are filling your brain and body, which eventually helps one to think more attentively, rather than dissuading the attention to less important things like, food, drink, hunger, etc.


Chewing gums can also reduce the tendency to take other harmful intoxications like caffeine or nicotine, so people who wish to #QuitSmoking, are often seen relying on chewing gums.


But never to forget that chewing does have some negative aspects to it as well:


  • Besides alertness, chewing gums can also increase your probability of eating junk food.
  • Constant chewing can cause TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) in your jaw.
  • It can be responsible for some gastrointestinal problems, as chewing actually means swallowing more air.
  • People having mercury teeth fillings should be very cautious, as chewing may break down this chemical inside the mouth and cause a health hazard.
  • Beware of sugared gums.





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