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  • I can win my anger!
    Garima Agarwal

    Win my Anger

    Do you feel you lose control when angry? That moment when you can’t think straight, your muscles tense, body stiff, you feel like hitting someone hard, your heartbeat increases, you sweat profus...
  • anger management therapy
    Oyindrila Basu

    Anger and Brain.

      We have different types of emotions every day, out of which anger is an emotion which is naturally believed to be detrimental to the mental health. Aggression is kind of an impulsive reaction...
  • grief and loss
    Oyindrila Basu

    Is experiencing intense, prolonged grief after a tragedy healthy?

    Grief is a part of life and each of us experience grief and loss at some point of time. when we lose someone, a loved one grief becomes a mandatory phase which each of us handle in our own way. There...
  • unsolicited criticism
    Oyindrila Basu

    How to deal with unsolicited criticism?

        “Hi Rebecca, how are you today? Doesn’t seem too good, because you have such unmatched clothes on you. Look at the terrible hat, this is just not what proper people wear. La...
  • headache
    lucy santi

    Try to off the triggers of headache with these simple techniques

    Headache is kind of pain in the upper part of the face. This means it hurts the head directly. The headache affects the head, neck, and scalp. Depending on the reason of the headache the symptoms can...
  • Save your Marriage
    Oyindrila Basu

    Save your Marriage Today, Because It Is Important

      Sarita: Huh! It’s so much better, that here at least I can view one serial completely, in a day, otherwise in your house; it was all about news channels, and we would not get a chance. R...
  • How to tackle Dementia of your loved one
    Dr. KV Anand

    How to tackle Dementia of your loved one

        Mid-to-late stage Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease frequently displays challenging conduct issues and behavioral problems.The anger, paranoia, sadness, fear and confusion that peo...

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