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  • exercise
    Sadaf Ambreen Saiyad

    Physical Exercise and Mental Health

    Physical exercise is any bodily movement that enhances physical fitness and enhances overall health and wellness. These are usually grouped into three types depending on the type of effect that th...
  • anger management therapy
    Oyindrila Basu

    Anger and Brain.

      We have different types of emotions every day, out of which anger is an emotion which is naturally believed to be detrimental to the mental health. Aggression is kind of an impulsive reaction...
  • why do we feel physical pain after rejection
    Oyindrila Basu

    Why do we feel a physical pain when someone rejects us?

    Rejection can be fatalistic to emotional sensations. We hate being rejected socially, personally or professionally. But Rejection can have deeper impacts than mere psychological set back or hurt emot...
  • reading fictions
    Oyindrila Basu

    Fiction engages our brain in Empathy

    We read fictions to fuel our imagination. We love entering a world which may be similar or different from the real existence and we admire the myriad hues of the characters painted by the author. We...

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