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  • work life
    Priya Parwani

    Work-life balance made easy

    The 21st century is the century of modernity, technology, inventions, work load, and success. Industries, start ups, and online jobs are booming at a rapid pace. Everyone wants to earn money, no matt...
  • career counseling
    eWellness Expert

    Work of an Effective Career counsellor.

    When I was in school, and I had to choose my high school subjects in grade 11, I was confused, my interests were humanities, but not all of them; only English was I fond of, and I did not know what...
  • ambition
    Oyindrila Basu

    Follow your ambitions, along with little career insurance

    A professional dilemma is something we all experience once we graduate or pass out of high school. What should we do; which field do we choose as our career. Most parents want their children to stu...
  • choose the right career
    Shiva Raman Pandey

    3 facts about choosing the right career

    Let us take the example of a fish, a bird and a dog. If all three are asked to become swimmers, the fish will do really well, the dog might just scrape through and the bird will be unemployed. All th...

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