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  • ocd
    eWellness Expert

    OCD - Thinking the unthinkable

      “It's like you have two brains - a rational brain and an irrational one and they are constantly fighting between the right and wrong."   What are anxiety disorders?    Anxi...
  • cognitive behavioural therapy
    Neelima Krishnakumar

    The ultimate aim of cognitive behavioural therapy

      CBT can breakdown the sense of overwhelming problems by fragmenting them into parts. In CBT, problems are disintegrated to mainly 5 functional areas like Situations Thoughts Emotions Physical...
  • depression and sex
    Oyindrila Basu

    Don't let depression affect your sex life.

    Depression is a common illness these days, due to over stressed lifestyle, cultural imbalance and relationship issues. We all want to be achievers, however, time doesn’t move uniformly all the...
  • Oyindrila Basu

    Surprising Addictions

    We all speak about ‘quit smoking’ or letting go of alcohol, because they are things that become addiction if not overcome with time. Drugs are addictive and they slowly affect your interna...
  • depression

    The comprehensive guide of Depression treatment options

                Depression, for those who have suffered from it, would seem to have had its origins in sin and past life guilt and, for those who ha...

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