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  • interreligious
    Ayushi Jolly

    10 ways to make interreligious marriage work

    Interreligious marriages are between two persons professing different religions. These are also known as inter-faith marriages. For instance in Asian countries like Vietnam, there are many Christiani...
  • depression and marriage life
    Oyindrila Basu

    Marital responsibility and Sex life.

    Gender roles are definitive in deciding behaviour in a marital state. Recent studies have depicted that men who are more engaged in household chores like cooking, cleaning, washing etc. feel less aff...
  • Save your Marriage
    Oyindrila Basu

    Save your Marriage Today, Because It Is Important

      Sarita: Huh! It’s so much better, that here at least I can view one serial completely, in a day, otherwise in your house; it was all about news channels, and we would not get a chance. R...

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