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  • kleptomania-an
    Anjali Maini

    Kleptomania - A Rarely Known Psychological Disorder

      Kleptomania –A Rarely Known Psychological Disorder We all talk a lot about mental health and mental disorders now a days to spread cognizance and to eliminate the stigma attached to it....
  • Dealing with LGBT Myths
    Sareeta Behera

    Cross-cutting LGBT Myths

    “What sexual preference do you hope she has?” “Happiness.” Isnt that cool?” ―Francesca Lia Since long, the collective consciousness of humans have been conditioned...
  • schizophrenia
    Sadaf Ambreen Saiyad

    A Peep Into The Mind Of A Schizophrenic

    Have you ever seen something that wasn’t actually there? Or heard a certain voice, but found no source for it on searching? If you have, you might have considered it as your mind playing tricks...
  • mental
    Sadaf Ambreen Saiyad

    How Important Is Mental Health?

    How important is mental health? To answer this, you first need to be clear on what mental health is. Mental health basically includes your psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It affects...
  • coffee
    Shiva Raman Pandey

    Coffee - A Friend or Foe?

    Every morning when you wake up, lousy and sleepy, what actually pulls you out of that semi-sleep mode? At once, our answer would be a strong cup of coffee. That cup of coffee gives a headstart to face...
  • exercise
    Sadaf Ambreen Saiyad

    Physical Exercise and Mental Health

    Physical exercise is any bodily movement that enhances physical fitness and enhances overall health and wellness. These are usually grouped into three types depending on the type of effect that th...
  • alexithymia
    Heena Sheth

    I don't know what I'm feeling - Alexithymia

    Have you ever found yourself in a condition where you are unable to express your emotions and feelings in words? Like someone has turned off the emotional switch? Such a condition has a clinical sign...
  • its ok not to be ok
    Shruti Gupta Delhi

    Mental health is real!

    "Depression, it’s all in the head!" "Hallucinations are just imaginations, right?" "Suicide! Dude, don’t be such a coward." "Step out of your house, meet new people, and you will be all r...
  • schizophrenia
    Shruti Gupta Delhi

    Life Beyond Reality - Understanding A Schizophrenic

    What happens when the voices in your head come to life? All of your deepest rooted thoughts and emotions are conveyed to you by someone only you know, someone only you can see, a manifestation of your...
  • Yakata Sharma

    Mental illness and society

      Human Psychology always fascinated Reema. She was quite excited to opt Psychology as her optional subject in high school. She remembers---“One night prior to my stream selection day,&nbs...
  • alpha men
    Oyindrila Basu

    Alpha men and Playboys are not smart; they tend to have Poor Mental Health.

    The concept of ‘alpha men’ creeped up during the early 2000s, though the tradition of being a sexist, chauvinist and misogynist, forever existed in patriarchal society. The term ‘a...
  • What is a personality disorder?
    Shiva Raman Pandey

    What is a personality disorder?

    Personality disorders are used as light terms in order to chide, tease or label people. However, having a personality disorder can be a huge problem as it can interfere in all areas of life. Persona...

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