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  • Akshita Tyagi

    Psychology Of Colors

    Psychology of Colours Have you ever sensed that those light purple walls of your room have quite a soothing and comforting effect on you? Does your workstation give away a tranquil and calmative aura...
  • Sareeta Behera

    Imprisoned within Oneself: Gender Identity Disorder

    Defying the body and psyche with which a person is born, are times and situations when some people experience discomfort with the gender or identity they were born with. The distress they experience...
  • organize
    Shiva Raman Pandey

    Organization is the key to success

    Time and again, we have fallen victim to a day when we were unable to complete a good chunk of our work that we had planned to do. The sole reason for this issue, I believe, is the way we approach the...
  • indian_male_ego
    Sanjna Verma

    Are Indians brought up more Egoistic than others?

    We consider any person to be egoistic when he/she does not care what others around them think and act according to their own wishes. When the individual has a self-centered attitude and the individua...
  • thurs_boredhealth_web
    Sanjna Verma

    Psychology of Boredom

    Boredom does not have any clear-cut definition. However, it can be said that boredom is a condition in which the individual does not find anything interesting in the outside world or in their minds t...
  • superstitions
    Sanjna Verma

    Lucky charms really work

      Friday the 13th” in the Western context, or sneezing before leaving the house in the Indian context, we are surrounded by a huge variety of superstitions. According to Wikipedia &ld...
  • Buddha idol in a peaceful environment
    Richa S Karthikeyan

    Buddhism and Psychology

    Buddhism is one of the major global religions with an interesting history and philosophy of life. Many believe that Buddhism explains a purpose to life, it explains evident injustice and inequality in...
  • 204141_675x450_flirty_tteens
    Sanjna Verma

    How to Handle Teenage Attraction Positively?

      Certain characteristics are common in the lives of teenagers be it physically or socially. They experience physical changes alongside academic pressures for carving good careers for themselves...
  • school counsellor
    Sanjna Verma

    Why is it mandatory to have Counselors in school?

      Counselling is not about giving advice with 'Shoulds' and 'Musts', but rather a communication between the client and the therapist/counsellor bringing out the best qualities in the client to e...
  • psychologists in history
    Heena Sheth

    Ten Famous Psychologists

    Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) Often regarded as the Father of Psychology, Wilhelm Wundt graduated in medicine. He is noted for setting up the first formal laboratory for research in experimental psychol...
  • motivation
    eWellness Expert

    Spontaneous Self-Affirmation adds to your Mental Wellness.

    Self-affirmation refers to a recognition and acceptance of the self or existence itself in a positive way. A person develops values and principles that are relevant to him or her and identifies him/h...
  • psychological tricks
    Oyindrila Basu

    Psychological tricks to help you progress in life.

    Psychology is a vast and devious thing. Mind control is an art; applied on yourself or on others. It would be so much fun if we could have people following the same things as we do, or agreeing to wh...
  • reading fictions
    Oyindrila Basu

    Fiction engages our brain in Empathy

    We read fictions to fuel our imagination. We love entering a world which may be similar or different from the real existence and we admire the myriad hues of the characters painted by the author. We...
  • Why we feel good when we are in love
    Mandavi Pandey

    Why we feel good when we are in love

    Role of oxytocin in love: Love is a powerful emotion, and a whole lot of us feel overwhelmed by it at times. One of the most commonly discussed neurochemicals in the context of love, is oxytocin. It...

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