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  • self-care depicted as balancing zen stones
    Piyush Bartakke

    Importance of self-care

    Currently, I am reading a book named 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Dr. Jordan Peterson who is a Canadian psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. The book...
  • lovemaking
    Vibha Gangal

    Lovemaking or just sex?

    Love is the most beautiful feeling known to the mankind, it is a soothing melody beautifully incorporating the symphonies of a mixture of emotions, it is that one word describing all those butterflie...
  • Old happy couple
    Saloni Patankar

    10 Bad Behaviors that could kill your Relationship

    Ever feel like your significant other is drifting away from you? Or maybe you’re having problems in your relationship lately and you don’t know why. Well, in this article you can check wh...
  • breakup and heartbreak
    Vibha Gangal

    Moving on after breakup

    Breakups and separation can be tough, especially when the person has been an inevitable part of your life. Someone, you probably planned to spend the rest of your years with, someone you wanted to li...
  • parenting aggressive children
    Sadaf Ambreen Saiyad

    Parenting Aggressive Children

      Most of us have heard stories from our parents about how strict their parents were and how one beating session would be enough to bring the children back on track. Life was pretty simple back...
  • communication significance
    Sadaf Ambreen Saiyad

    Significance Of Communication In Relationships

    Relationships are a huge part of everyone’s lives. Everybody has a different role in different people’s lives and to be able to survive in the big bad world, we need to keep relationships...
  • 204141_675x450_flirty_tteens
    Sanjna Verma

    How to Handle Teenage Attraction Positively?

      Certain characteristics are common in the lives of teenagers be it physically or socially. They experience physical changes alongside academic pressures for carving good careers for themselves...
  • Tinder Logo
    Priya Ratti

    Love Is Not Found On Tinder

    Hi! We're the millennials. We click selfies to feed our narcissism, recklessly make our lives public over Facebook, brag about our holidays on Instagram and search for our soul mates on Tinder! With...
  • birth order
    Priya Ratti

    First-borns Smarter Than Their Siblings? : What Your Birth-Order Says About You

      For years, scientists and psychologists have grappled with the question whether first-borns are smarter than their siblings at all. The order of birth in children has an impact on their person...
  • Rhythm Makkar

    9 reasons to let go of a relationship

    Once you’re in a romantic relationship, you get used to the person you’re with. It seems impossible to live without them. You feel afraid to let go, even if you encounter a hundred red fl...
  • husband saying sorry
    Oyindrila Basu

    Ownership in a relationship can do miracles.

    Here ownership doesn’t mean being the boss of the house; it doesn’t mean that you will be the ruler in the relationship and everyone will listen to you and do what you say; it doesn&rsquo...
  • girl helping other girl
    Oyindrila Basu

    Name their Emotions and Understand them, Better.

    “You know, I just can’t stand this anymore. How dare he talk to me like that! I am going to break up with him soon………Please tell me what to do”…. These...

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