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  • Termination of employment
    Piyush Bartakke

    Layoff often doesn't mean incompetence

    What is layoff? Companies often decide to terminate the employment of the workers or employees. There are some ways in which company decides to do so. For example, if they feel they have a just caus...
  • learn and teach to be Self-Confident
    Riddhi Gupta

    How to develop Self-Confidence

    Boost your Self-Confidence But first of all, what is self-confidence according to you? Self-confidence is simply having trust in oneself i.e. trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and decisions...
  • assertivenss
    Yakata Sharma

    Don’t Suffer Silently, Voice it out!

       “It was a quiet afternoon and I was studying history. History was a sleeping pill to others, but to me it was as fascinating as a mystery. To my surprise, one of my uncles returned...