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  • Shubhanshi Singh

    Who is the best person to keep your secret?

    You run to your friend to tell her something that you expect her to keep confidential, as a 'secret'. Later that day, this secret of yours comes flying back to you through someone else. How does it f...
  • couple cheating
    Aparna Kanmani

    How to stop doubting your spouse?

      It took you 10 minutes to reach home from the office. Google maps showed only 8 minutes. Who is she? Love is a beautiful feeling a soul can cherish for a lifetime, as long as there is trust...
  • Rhythm Makkar

    9 reasons to let go of a relationship

    Once you’re in a romantic relationship, you get used to the person you’re with. It seems impossible to live without them. You feel afraid to let go, even if you encounter a hundred red fl...
  • fake relationship
    Shiva Raman Pandey

    8 indicators of a fake relationship:

      Although relationships are an important part of human life, some people may be caught in fake and entangled relationships just for the tag of ‘being with someone’ and to not be sin...
  • Is it love or lust
    Shiva Raman Pandey

    Love or Lust

    It is common to be confused between love and lust, because a lot of the signs are indeed similar. They both include having strong feeling for the person, thinking about them a lot, and the general ro...

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