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  • being mindful at work
    Garima Agarwal

    Ways to be more Mindful at Work

    At work, things might not always go well. You might get into fights, or feel the inability to meet deadlines, or be unhappy with your work partners, or be pissed off with your boss. Sometimes you feel...
  • female boss
    Sanjna Verma

    Would you mind a Female Boss?

      Gender stereotypes are quite common, but in the recent times, the notion of the male being the breadwinner and the housewife being the homemaker has undergone a change. Women have begun to con...
  • stressed child
    Shubhanshi Singh

    All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

    'Do your homework then you can go to play', is this something you must have definitely gone through. Ever since our childhood, we have been taught to prioritize 'homework' over everythi...
  • work life
    Priya Parwani

    Work-life balance made easy

    The 21st century is the century of modernity, technology, inventions, work load, and success. Industries, start ups, and online jobs are booming at a rapid pace. Everyone wants to earn money, no matt...
  • career counseling
    eWellness Expert

    Work of an Effective Career counsellor.

    When I was in school, and I had to choose my high school subjects in grade 11, I was confused, my interests were humanities, but not all of them; only English was I fond of, and I did not know what...
  • Oyindrila Basu

    Online Counselling is proving helpful for Women.

    Women are proactive members of our society. They are educated, established, self-dependent, ambitious, productive, caring, sensitive, multi-tasking, motherly, hard-working, professional and family-or...
  • indian woman painting
    Oyindrila Basu

    Why Women are more prone to Mental Stress than Men?

    Gender disparities are observed when it comes to experiencing mental health issues. Women are psychologically more vulnerable to queer situations of the mind.   Study by APA’s Jo...
  • housewife managing home and office
    Oyindrila Basu

    Secrets Of Striking A Work-Life Balance.

      I wake up every morning at 7 AM, make my husband a cup of tea and sit at my office work. I am a professional mostly working in ‘work from home’ structure, well our technological in...
  • how to deal with work pressure
    Shiva Raman Pandey

    Be Cool To Deal Work At Work Place.

    All of us are face with working lives where we have multiple roles and duties. Some of us seem to be doing effortlessly well in our jobs while others struggle. Why does this happen? There are many...
  • Could Your Common Cold Have A Psychological Cause?
    Shiva Raman Pandey

    Could Your Common Cold Have A Psychological Cause?

    Are you falling ill too often? It could be linked with your stress levels. Research shows that there are very important and obvious linkages between stress and illness. High levels of stress are known...

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