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Welcome to www.ewellnessexpert.com, a portal providing mental healthcare services through web, mobile, audio and video. It is the property of Your Wellness Expert Private Limited, India solely, which is a private limited company, incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 with its registered office at Villa # 39, Phase -2, MIMS Ardendale, Kannamangala, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560067.

 The “Terms and Conditions” given below are applicable to your using (including browsing) of the www.ewellnessexpert.com website and/or availing of any of our service/s through the website or otherwise. So, please read the “Terms and Conditions” carefully.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: eWellness Expert is a technology provider that enables access to online counseling, therapy, mental health professionals, support staff, payment and billing of services. Medical or healthcare is not included in the services of eWellness Expert. THE USE OF OUR ONLINE SERVICES IS NOT MEANT FOR EMERGENCIES. If you or your near one/friend have/has a medical or mental health emergency or are/is contemplating suicide, call your closest hospital, clinic or emergency room or any other emergency medical services available at your location. Though we follow all possible procedures to check the authenticity of healthcare providers associated with this portal, they are not our employees and they are solely responsible for advice given by them.

Terms such as “eWellness Expert”, “we”, “our”, "us" or similar terminology used in the “Terms and Conditions” are in reference to Your Wellness Expert Private Limited, while “Client”, “you”, “your” or other similar terminology are in reference to you as a user of the services of eWellness Expert.


Changes in Terms and Conditions

Your Wellness Expert Private Limited reserves the right to modify or totally change this “Terms and Conditions” any-time and as many times without giving any prior notice.

You have to review the “Terms and Conditions” from time to time to find out about the changes in it.

Visiting, using the resources, and/or availing the service/s from www.ewellnessexpert.com after any change in “Terms and Conditions” has been made means you have acknowledged and agreed to the changes made in it.


Terms of using the Website

You have to be of 18 years of age to use the website and avail of its resources and services.

We do not provide services to people in emergencies. They are advised to seek help of local hospitals, clinics or emergency rooms under such conditions.

eWellness Expert has the right to stop access to the website and terminate association with any user/client who violates the terms and conditions of the website or disturbs the smooth functioning of the website and the dissemination of its services or disturbs other users or professionals in their activities.

eWellness Expert has the right to stop access to the website and terminate association with any user/client who is suspected to be illegal and/or fraudulent and/or abusive and/or competitive and may be referred to appropriate law enforcement authorities.


The Services provided by eWellness Expert

eWellness Expert is an online mental health portal that offers to connect you to mental healthcare professionals called “Experts” (duly screened and authorized by eWellness Expert to use the platform to deliver their services) and other non-professionals who undergo our training and quiz module called “Listeners”. You can avail of online consultation and therapy from our panel of experts and listeners consisting but not limited to psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, psychotherapists, PSW, Yoga trainer, Naturopath, trained listeners and so on through texting, audio or video conferencing in lieu of online payment or for free depending on the service/s opted for by the user. You can be informed about the certifications, licenses and work experience, awards and recognitions received by the experts on browsing their profiles. Apart from electronic audio-video consultations, online sessions, texts and teleconferencing, as a registered user, you may use resources such as blogs on topics of general interest and awareness about mental health, participate in online forums, read patient stories etc. Users may ask free questions through the “Public questions” section in the website. Questions and answers in the “Public questions” section are open to read for anyone and are not confidential. There is also an option to provide these services to corporate clients and educational institutions.



Visitors to the website who wish to become users of its resource/s and/or service/s have to register online. We at eWellness Expert understand the taboos associated with mental health issues in India and in many places around the world. That is why you even have an option to choose a screen nickname instead of your real name. However, as part of registration, you have to fill a form where you should share your real name and correct and true contact details, email id, etc. necessary for us to contact you and send important communication and for the payment gateway to function properly. You also have to furnish true and correct information about the problem you are facing with regard to your mental health, family history of such issues, age, gender, and so on. This information is necessary for the correct diagnosis and cure of your ailment. All information that you share with us shall be kept strictly confidential with eWellness Expert. By registering, you also agree that you are yourself responsible for any false information that you provide (including those necessary for the payment gateway or for any third party necessary to provide you with services seamlessly).


Your Personal Dashboard

As soon as you register with eWellness Expert you shall have a personal dashboard in your name. It will have the record of all the service/s you have availed, the consultations you have received from Healers, your appointments, cancellations, payments, present and past medical reports, your participation in the forum threads at eWellness Expert and also the transcripts of the textual chat you had with Healers with the option with you to delete part or whole of the selected chat.

Only you can view the information uploaded in your personal dashboard and strict confidentiality shall be maintained regarding privacy. See our Privacy Policy for details.



Since eWellness Expert follows the guidelines of HIPAA strictly, we are committed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the information we have about our users and members. eWellness Expert is a completely secure platform. You may go through the detailed Privacy Policy by clicking here.

However eWellness Expert shall be compelled to disclose the records of a user if he/she poses a danger to himself/herself/others, is suspected of/reported for child abuse or if disclosure of his/her records are needed for any legal procedure being taken against him/her.


Paid and Free Healers

eWellness Expert aims to bring Paid Healers to you only after screening and verifying their educational certificates, professional licenses, claim of experience and expertise through third party background check. We put a verified tick mark for the fields which we have done the verification. You may go through their credentials on their profile pages before booking an appointment with a particular Paid Healer. Aspiring Free Healers too have to go through trainings after their email is verified and before they are allowed to become authorized free healers on eWellness Expert. We take utmost care to ensure that the credentials of all our paid mental health care professionals and staff are true and genuine to the best of our knowledge. eWellness Expert therefore cannot be held responsible for the fraudulent credentials or claims of their mental health care professionals / staff. eWellness Expert cannot be held responsible for the opinions shared by their mental health care professionals (Healers) during consultations or in their blogs and the users’ reliance on them. eWellness Expert makes no claim of the validity of the information/advice/prescription provided by the paid and free Healers. You may accept or reject them at your own discretion.


Limitation of Responsibility

Kindly be informed that though we may try our best to bring the best professionals and services to you and are committed to ensure the best outcomes for you, there are limitations to the responsibility taken by eWellness Expert. Users pay eWellness Expert for providing the time and connecting you to the screened and vetted mental health workers and professionals and not for the outcomes from the sessions. The users and the experts are in control of what ensues in the consultation and therapy sessions. We also do not have responsibility of technical failures or faults arising out of causes over which we have no control. Therefore eWellness Expert cannot be held responsible if you are not happy with the results of the sessions/ the quality of service provided by the experts/ technical faults over which eWellness Expert does not have any control. You may however provide your feedback and we will take necessary steps as deemed fit by us.


The Governing Laws

www.ewellnessexpert.com can be accessed by many countries around the world. However, for accessing the website and/or its resources, and/or obtaining the web/mobile application/s, and/or purchasing/using its service/s you agree that the statutes and laws of India, without regard to conflict of law and the United Nations Convention on the Sales of Goods, will apply to all matters relating to the use of the website and purchase of services through this website. You also agree that action to enforce this ‘Terms and Conditions” shall be brought under the Jurisdiction of Delhi Courts in India.


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