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If you are a certified mental health professional with a desire to help people in need, join us. Make quality treatment accessible and affordable to all, reach out to people worldwide, increase your domain expertise, build your reputation in your medical fraternity, and augment your income too.

eWellness Expert has helped me develop as a mental health professional. It has given me the opportunity to help people from around the globe. I cannot explain the satisfaction I get when I see people who are unsure, down, broken turn into confident, happy beings. eWellness Expert brings hope in the lives of so many people through counseling, therapy and safe modern medical


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How It Works?

This portal requires all interested mental health professionals to sign up first. As soon as your account gets activated, patients can begin consulting you. This is an online platform which serves thousands of patients daily and possesses features like peer review and online and offline consultation.


Fill in your details and required credentials and get registered with us. Register now. Someone needs you.

2.Answer questions

Answer private questions posted to you and help people by answering free public questions.

3.Peer Review

Invite few of the finest peers to review your answers and help other professionals by reviewing their answers.

How It helps?

Being a Counselor at eWellness Expert has many advantages. Some of them are given below.
World wide counseling


Several social factors stop people to reach out for help. Technology enables you to reach countless people in need who would otherwise never ever go to a doctor’s cabin. As a mental health professional you will find this very fulfilling.

Best Counselor


You might have an area of specialization. Here you can establish yourself as a professional in this particular field that excites and interests you and not just be known as a generalist.

Best Therapist


Be known in your medical fraternity as a practitioner who is doing good work in his or her chosen field. Write articles, blogs, answer patient queries and counsel/treat them. Be reviewed by peers and review them in return.

Helful Therapist


It is always exciting to come across patients from different parts of the world. This will immensely enrich your experience as a mental health practitioner.

Online Counseling


This platform is bound to give you a unique experience as a practicing mental health counselor. Not only will you meet people from all over the world, but talking to them and treating them online on this platform at your convenience is destined to give you a taste of the future.

Most qualified psychotherapist


Augment your income in a hassle-free way by registering on this platform. Easy discovery of certified mental health counselors on this online platform at affordable rates makes us very popular among all. The compensation too is naturally attractive.

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