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I always keep thinking about sex

08 Apr
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  I am a 16 year old boy and I always keep thinking about sex and sexual act. I feel very tempted to watch porn, read about sexual queries, read adult magezines. I dream like secretely watching girls. Is this normal? How do i control this?

24 Apr
Dr. Ibrahim Abunada

Doctors Answer

Apr 24, 2016 06:50 PM

Dear, you mentioned that you are 16 year old which means that you are at the beginning of puberty age. Normally at this age both sex males and females are interested in sex which consider very convenient to this developmental age group. During this period, many physical and sexual characteristics are starting to appear in both sex e.g. in male we can be note the harsh voice, the body hair around genital areas, the production of semen fluid, the body mussels....and other characteristics. In female, the monthly menstruations, breast size, fine voice and so on. Therefore, don’t be worry about what you are thinking about sex. However it is very curtail not to occupy yourself with sex so much because this will not be healthy if it withdraw you from the other life daily routine. I strongly recommend you to organize your time and use it appropriately in different productive ways e.g. engage yourself in sport, social activities, studying, peer activities, trips and so on. Regarding secretly watching girls, it might be normal to certain level. Bu I propose to train yourself to decrease this habit and decrease watching porn as much as you can by searching other alternatives to these habit by practicing the above mentioned behaviors. Take Care