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Not getting enough sleep in the night

16 Apr
Dr. KV Anand

Doctors Answer

Apr 16, 2016 08:19 PM

Dear user. There are many reasons for lack of proper sleep and most prominent among them is, of course, stress and obsessive negative thoughts. Worrying that I am not getting enough sleep in itself will ruin your sleep. So stop worrying about it.


If you are physically tired, you get good sleep. So make sure you get physical exercise and other physical activities. You have to get away from mental stress. Exercise and meditation and relaxation will help.


The above advice is just general. I need to know more about your sleep pattern and other problems so as to provide you methods of cure. Take care.

28 Jun
Aditi Srivastava

Doctors Answer

Jun 28, 2016 02:49 AM

Hello there,

As you mentioned that you do not get enough sleep, there can be many reasons for this.

I'm not sure about your age group, however, if you are a pre-teen, teenager, or adolescent person then it could be due to hormonal changes.

Lack of sleep could be due lifestyle changes too. Not getting tired,having too much of stress, peer pressure, relationship issues,exam pressure,can lead to sleep issues.

Make your surroundings and bed clean before you sleep.

Make sure you are not hungry too. 

Do not watch too much television before sleeping.

Try Yoga & Meditation or exercises that help you sleep better,