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I am in terrible anxiety. What can I do?

10 Nov
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For a few weeks, I am receiving text messages from someone whom I don't know. Whenever I go to college, I receive texts like "I have seen you, but you don't know me, I like you, you should meet me"; another day I received, "I will be waiting outside your college at 1pm, you have to meet me, I can see you, but you can't see me". I have asked several times about who is the person, but there is no sanguine reply on that. I have notified this to my parents, they have informed in the local area police station, but they mean to not take the matter very seriously, as I have no name or address of the guy, only a phone number, which have been submitted at the station; they have claimed that they tried calling on the number a couple of times; once it came 'not reachable' and another time, it wasn't received on the other end. day before yesterday, I again received a text from this number; I won't say there are anything indecent in the texts, but that the person is following me.

Where from this man got my number? Who is the person? Why he is texting me? Why he is not showing up? Is he following me all the time? What if he follows me to my house and gets to know my address? What if he does some harm to me and my family, especially that these days we have so many crimes coming up? I am really anxious. I feel scared to get out of the house these days, I don't want to go to college. I have lot of studies, I don't have time to follow up the police regularly for such a matter, but what can I do, I am really getting into bad anxiety.

10 Nov
Dr. Ibrahim Abunada

Doctors Answer

Nov 10, 2016 01:49 PM

Dear User  yes, I do agree with you about your anxiety of this event. It is very good that you informed that you have informed your parents and the local police. Of course they should do their duty  in this regard. However, till then I strongly recommend you to follow these steps. Don’t be panic as a result of this event, you should be courageous facing this problem with strong  well. Don’t surrender to any threat which might deteriorate your academic achievements, social familial life. Keep going out accompanied by somebody else if you cared about your life. Be patient with the police procedures to put an end for this event soon.  Take Care