I hate change...

24 Oct
amit kumar mishra
I had trouble titling this thread, but the title I chose seemed all-encompassing, so I went with it for its versatility.
Currently, the change I need to deal with is that I need a second job (like, I'll need to start next month, or figure out a whole new budget/dip into savings more than I already am, etc.)
I put my application into one place and on Friday, the manager called me. I have not called back . I'm very anxious about talking to her, setting up an interview, going to an interview, possibly starting the job, etc. I feel confident that if my availability fits, I could obtain this position, and probably be fairly comfortable (for me, at least) and do okay. It's just the initial change of getting the job and adjusting that freaks me out...

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  • Deepika Bhandari
    Deepika Bhandari   Sep 04, 2016 09:00 PM

    Change is frightening for most people, but unfortunately, change is the only constant. All of us have to undergo change at various points in life. Your apprehension on starting a new job, something you feel confident about probably stems from the fact that you have settled into a routine and this needs you to restructure that routine. If not, maybe you can start by isolating exactly what is causing you to feel the difficulty in adjustment you're facing.
    Once the cause is identified, that's half the battle won. You can then pick out the cause apart bit by bit and work on reducing the associated anxiety. Like a change in routine would imply restructuring one's whole life, an issue everyone does not look forward to, Maybe then, you could start by restructuring one aspect of your life, say your mornings, figuring how you can be more efficient then. Another way could be to look at the changes you might have to incorporate overall, then break it down into smaller tasks. The whole process of change will not appear so huge after all. Good luck!

  • ram singh
    ram singh   Dec 25, 2015 10:45 AM

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