How to stay motivated?

11 Aug
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I am in my third year. I have to prepare for my masters entrances while I am preparing for Civils. I have to also attend college because attendance matters and I can't afford to miss practical classes. Then I have to also do community service. I don't know how to manage all this. I am under too much pressure. I have less time and low energy. I am exhausted. How to stay motivated when I am under so much pressure?

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  • Ayushi Jolly
    Ayushi Jolly   Sep 16, 2017 09:10 PM

    hey there I hope you are doing well. It is nice to see somebody at this 8 so focused towards the right things and using it perhaps second of the day so productively and it is absolutely normal to feel tired after having such a hectic schedule so please don't worry about it however I would love to help you with the sorting of time. The best solution to your problem is to prioritise the things that you are have been involved in throughout the day by maybe noting them down and setting them according to their priorities.  then you can form a particular time table and thereby adhere to it. Also the most important thing I believe right now is your studies and you must focus on your present your the class work that you are interested then you can drive it is your entrances any future goals and thereafter you can focus on internships in extra curricular activities because those should be De stressing and not give your stress instead. Try fixing days for each activity and maybe reduce the Social Work two weekends or keep it aside if you are not able to concentrate fully on your studies.

  • Aishwarya K
    Aishwarya K   Aug 21, 2017 01:26 AM

    You seem to have taken up a lot at once. It is neither easy nor beneficial to multitask. I would suggest that you focus on one thing at time. I see that you are very ambitious which is wonderful, but you also need some focus and direction.

    So first of all you need to decide what your aim is. You want to get into the best universities in the country, but some universities are better than others for particular courses. You need to decide which course you want to focus on for masters.

    Having a direction and focus will help you divide your time well. It will give you ample time for yourself to study on your own and to take a break.

    You can also try to use the pomodoro technique. In short, the pomodoro technique helps to divide your day into 25 minute time slots. There is a 5 minute break between each time slot. In the 25 minute time slots, you need to focus on your work with full attention. This means that you need to keep your phone away, stay away from social media and any other distraction. You should completely focus on your work for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break in which you should rest. This increases your productivity and allows you to manage your time well so that there is a work-life balance.

  • Priya Parwani
    Priya Parwani   Aug 13, 2017 07:12 PM


    Hope you are doing good. I can completely understand your situation because even I am a third year student and preparing for my masters. I know that it become hectic and sometimes frustrating also. But this problem can be solved through time management. You should learn how to manage time effectively and do tasks productively and when you get success in this you will get motivation. Try to make a daily to-do list and complete it and continue this process and soon you will be confident and motivated. Moreover don't indulge yourself in non productive things like social media or in any random gossip. Try to be productive and complete your daily task. But remember that you have to take care of your health also. Get a sleep of 7/8 hours and have a good diet. Do some physical exercise as it will make you happy and energised. Have faith in yourself and be around people who are willing to help you and support you. Be positive and eventually everything will be alright.

    Hope this will help.

  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Aug 11, 2017 09:20 PM


    Hope you are doing well. I can clearly understand about your concern.  It’s too important to maintain our present career and also updating us for the future. I can hereby suggest you something helpful.

    1. Scheduling should be done in priority wise. As it may helps you in many ways to do yourtask in a certain time limit. Priority scheduling is to be done in the manner which motivates you to step forward to next task. You can work in home for preparing your masters. Also if you have some college assignments you can schedule yourself for the appropriate timing.
    2. Don’t feel depressed. Feel free which can make your mind to be in refresh also helps you to achieve your tasks with more energy and enthusiasm. You can do some yoga and meditations which can really help you better.
    3. Have a weekend scheduling. Like you have to work and also enjoy the weekend. So that you feel refreshed to start your next week tasks. If you work hard and can complete your daily tasks gift yourself or motivate yourself with gifts like chocolate or watching some movies in theatres. As SELF HELP IS THE BEST HELP. So motivate yourself to work hard.



    Hope, it helps you!!

    Take Care  :)

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