Is marital rape okay?

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  • Shreya Narayanan
    Shreya Narayanan   Aug 25, 2017 12:08 PM

    Hi there, I don't really understand what law makers of this country are doing as such,they say that marital rape above 18 years is illegal,yet raping a minor wife is legal? What logic have they used,I seriously don't understand. Minors are to be give protection and care,more than the major women. Do you think, a 5 year old married minor will have any idea what is happening when her 'so-called' husband is forcing himself on her? A major atleast knows what this is about,and she can choose not to give her consent,but really?you expect a five or six year old girl to say no,and her better half would listen and respect it? Hell no. Marital rape is equivalent to any kind of rape in India,whether to minor children or major children. And it is not okay. Every person needs to ask their lover and get their assent before indulging in physical activity. It shows a mark of respect for the other person, because in a relationship,you have to love and respect the other person,and that's how a relationship works. First of,minor marriages are illegal (given few exceptions),and just because they're married doesn't give them the right to take decisions like a major. They're still small and immature and are incapable of acting like an adult. People need to understand this issue and take it seriously. It is a form of domestic violence and people need to speak out about it. Thank you

  • Aishwarya K
    Aishwarya K   Aug 21, 2017 01:35 AM

    Hey, I think sexism plays a major role in marital rape, just as it does in most forms of sexual violence. The common idea that a husband has a right to sex, and has a right to use his wife's body for this purpose, makes it difficult for many people in Indian culture to recognize sexual force in marriage.  How  can  a  husband  be  guilty  of  taking  something  that  belongs  to  him?  Often the marriage vows are seen as giving contractual consent to sex; hence the joke "if you can't rape your wife, who can you rape?" People may think of marital rape as just a bedroom argument: he  wants  sex,  she's  not  in  the  mood,  he  wins.  All these ideas are based on the assumption that a man's needs and desires are more important than a woman's.  Women of traditional Indian cultures may find additional pressure to tolerate marital rape, because Indian culture is all about keeping families together and maintaining family loyalty. Indian culture and religious beliefs have also emphasises on  a  wife's responsibility  to  please  and  to  be  subordinate  to  her  husband. Women are also told that if they "turn the other cheek" and love their husbands completely, they will be able to transform their husbands' behavior. These are all ingrained benevolently sexist attitudes that most people are not even aware of. Women who believe and live by beliefs like these may not even identify marital rape in their own marriages and they may simply expect it and accept it as part of marriage.

  • Ayushi Jolly
    Ayushi Jolly   Aug 13, 2017 07:44 PM

    Hey there! Hope you are doing well.

    Yes,the law in favor of marital rape has created a nation-wide sensation and it is not okay,at all.A rape is a rape,in all context.If a sexual interaction takes place without the consent of one person,it is a form of physical harrassment and deserves legal action.It is so disapppointing to see how educated Justice and lawyers,whom we believe are the representatives of nation and will do justice,no matter what are passing such laws and are causing disappointment to the entire nation.

    I was so taken aback by this news that I could not resist myself from signing a petition against it.It is that time when we must stand united against this law.It is not about the married peoplebut about suppression of feminine rights and jusctice.

    Sadly,India has not become a country where marriage are union of two hearts or souls.Many people get married to each other due to family pressure and get physical for the same.There are religion laws which are equally worse.Overall,the problem is to know that such things should not be blown away by passing such laws and that these need attention and justice.

  • Priya Parwani
    Priya Parwani   Aug 12, 2017 08:14 PM


    Hope you are having a good day. The question that you have come up to is completely relevant and your concern is correct. It's disturbing to hear such news. Marital rape is completely wrong because it is a rape. And there should be difference between marital rape of a minor or of an adult because rape is rape. It's completely annoying that marital rape of minor is legal. The main reason lie behind is firstly, our lack of awareness and secondly ourr biased behaviour towards females and considering them as inferior to men. Everyone should understand and accept that phsical relationship can only be made when both the partners are willing or show their consent. If anyone of the partner is not agreeing for intimacy [irrespective of reason] should not be forced for that. Especially in India if a woman doesn't shows her consent towards intimacy, then it infuriates the man because man thinks that woman is considering herself as superior and is making the man feel bad or not respecting. Not much power is given to  a woman in this arena. Same goes with the marriage. If husband feels to have physical relationship, they will have no matter what wife thinks or wants and here all the problems lie. No enough power, respect for a woman. We should all have stand together and should make this as an illegal and should consider as a crime.

    Hope this will help.

    APOORVA PANDEY   Aug 12, 2017 07:40 PM


    TO the' why our government passed such a law'- question, I would prefer remaining silent. The 'reason' provided by them actually, according to me,fails all definitions of being 'reasonable', so I better stay silent on that.

    On the broader issue of marital rape, it is being said that a consensual sex between a man and a minor girl will be considered 'rape' while the goverment also says that forced sex on a married girl between the ages of 15 and 17 by her husband is okay and is indeed required to save the 'institution of marriage'. Suffice to say, this logic defeats all the defintions of logic.

    Let us take it on a higher level. Why only minors. Forced sex on any woman for that matter, whether minor or adult is something that should be really looked down upon. Just because it takes place within the 'sacrosanct' institution of marriage , doesn't really make something like this legal. We can actually boast of how woman are advancing in the public sphere in the 21st century, but actually quite conveniently ignore her plight in the private sphere letting her occupy a subordinate position before a man.

    It really irks me ( and it really does) that we can send various missions and satelites to Mars to unravel the complex mysteries of the universe but fail to simply understand the miseries of a young girl who has an unknown body forcefully thrusted upon her every passing day and every passing night.


  • Minaish Dhabhar
    Minaish Dhabhar   Aug 12, 2017 03:38 PM

    Hi there,

    You've brought up a very important question, so thank you for that. The topic of marital rape is something that people need to be more aware of. 

    Marital rape is not okay. It is rape in all sense. An unconcentual sexual act which should not be overlooked. The problem, I think, is that people have so much of an issue discriminatin between marital rape and sexual interaction. If this distinction was clear, the laws may have been tighter.

    This confusion is because marital rape isn't just physical forcing. Verbal abuse, manipulation, criticism. Anything that is done to coerce an unwilling partner into sexual interaction counts as marital rape, and is so often overlooked as just "convincing". 

    Honestly, we're all part of the bias that arises regarding marital rape without realising it. We just need to make ourselves and the rest of our circles aware of it and how wrong it is, and stand strong against it. 

    It certainly is not okay, and is something that has got to be made illegal, with strong action against it. It begins with all of us fighting against it on a personal level, and then at the governmental level, hopefully. 

    Take care. 

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