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12 Aug
Ayushi Jolly

Hello everyone!

A boy in my neighbourhood has recently fallen victim to bullying in school.His parents wanted to send him to a really nice boarding school but little did the realize the terrors of one.He came home for a little break and does not want to go back.however,the school is a very prestigious one in the country and being there shall really help him grow but what is the point of such fancies if he is unable to survive.It has just been two months and he is already depreesed.He is not very young,in 11th grade,so pretty grown up,to say.He told me how they are bullied for being freshers and how they are denied of the basic facilities there by seniors.He tried to complain but things turned against him.He has made friends but juniors getting bullied is a common thing.How do I help?

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  • Priya Parwani
    Priya Parwani   Aug 13, 2017 09:42 AM


    Hope you are doing good. I can understand this circumstance because even I know a child who was bullied in country's one of the prestigious school. It's the cons of these big schools where bullying which is an illegal offence, yet it is practiced in these educational institutes and no one raise their voice because they are afraid to the outcomes of this step because the children who bully have powerful and resourceful parents and somehow they can suppress the case. The afterresults of raising their voice sometimes become more severe and the child has to bear the most, so parents being helpless withdraw their child from the school. The only option which I can see is to take the help of police because Indian government considers bullying as a crime and the bullies are strictly punished. Parents should report FIR toward the act of bullying and police should actively take up the case and solve this, because if one case is strictly taken then it will  break the strength and guts of other children to bully freshers or juniors. School should have anti-ragging cell and it should function properly and genuinely. Teachers should be their to listen to a chil's problem and should be willing to solve it. If these steps will be taken seriously then will surely combat this problem.

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