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12 Aug
Ayushi Jolly

Hello everyone!

We all have been a part of the society where stalking and eve teasing has become part and parcel of life.Many of you might be aware of a stalking case that took place in the city beautiful(Chandigarh) recently. Being a relatively 'safe' city,every girl there also experiences a lot of stalking and eve teasing,though not at high levels but equally disturbing.I fail to understand the psyche behind engaging in such activities. Gone are thhe days when a gilr was judged by her clothes and it is sheer stupidity to do so.Even if she covers herself entirely,still she falls prey to unethical activities.What could be the psyche behing the stalker,what does he think of while indulging in such things. Does he not understand that no means no? What does it take to make him understand the someone is not interested?

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  • Priya Parwani
    Priya Parwani   Aug 13, 2017 09:08 AM


    Hope you are doing good. Your concern is completely relevant in today's time because as we are getting modern and having a wider perspective, but still we face issues of eve teasing and stalking everywhere not only in our nation but in most of the countries. There can be so many reasons behind stalking, few which I think are concrete are:

    1) Lack of education- Most of the eve teasers are young boys who aren't provided with good education and live in a surrounding where they see that women are inferior to men and a man holds the full rights towards a woman.

    2) No proper education given by parents- Parents play an important role in shaping one's personality. So if parents don't educate their boy child to repect girls then he will be more prone to indulge in such kinds of activities. When father don't respect mother, then child learns to do the same.

    3) Patriarchial Society- We all know that it's a mens'world and is dominated by partiarchial notions which states that women are inferior and a woman can't say no to a man. So when a woman say no, the ego of so called man gets hurt and he indulge himself in shameful activities.

    These are the reasons behind the psychology of stalkers and need to be resolved soon.

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