sports competitions and stress

15 Aug
Nimisha singh

We usually think that playing any sport is always fun but we dont realise the pressure that the players face. You must have seen that the news channels highlight the qualities of sports personalities before the competions which creates expectations of good performance. This can create stress and anxiety in players which often leads to poor performance and low confidence, how can we deal with this ?

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  • Sanjna Verma
    Sanjna Verma   Aug 15, 2017 10:41 PM

    Hello. See, unless and until media exists especially in a country like India, you can hardly do much about them. They can do anything and everything towards gaining TRP because sports has and is, a popular avenue of interest especially for youngsters. I think the media should understand this that their presence can act as a deterrent for the athlete and s/he may not be able to focus on the game and win matches. They should be able to report such things accordingly. It is actually pathetic that on one side the media showers praises for the player but when the team underperforms or fails, they are the ones who don't leave any stone unturned towards their criticism. This can also, knowingly or unknowingly act as a stressor.

    Until media does not take any action, the athletes should themselves be prepared to face media coverage or just ignore and focus on their matches and practice sessions because the media always talks about the past performance. Their present performance is in their own control because it can change according to the situation of the game at hand.




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