Body shaming and low self esteem

15 Aug
Nimisha singh

hello everyone. this is the begning of new session and freshers are all excited for the fresher's party. But this is not a fun time for all, the freshers party has different themes like "Red Carpet" in which we all are expected to wear fancy clothes. Also now a days  people judge us according to our dressing style. Many of us have never tried western clothes and this becomes a source of anxiety as what to wear, should i skip the party, etc. Can you tell me some ways through which we can deal with this isssue?

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  • Rasi M Sethia
    Rasi M Sethia   Aug 16, 2017 12:35 AM


    I totally understand how you are feeling now. This is a very common problem of most of the freshers. People are excited for the party as well as tensed regarding what to wear. These days many of us think that wearing nice clothes define our personality. If we don't wear nice clothes people will not approach us and not be friends with us. I personally totally disagree with this principle. Don't worry about what to wear. Wear whatever you feel like and are comfortable in. Don't let other's opinion bother you. Peolpe have the habit to speak. Let it be. Do go to tge party. Be confident of what yiu are wearing. Walk smartly. Speak with confidence. Your personality is defined by how you talk and how you carry yourself irrespective of what you are wearing. In the end what people will remeber is how were you by nature and not what you wore. Your ideas and beliefs define you. So don't get anxious, go to the party and have fun. Don't let others comment affect you.

    Be confident. Be happy :) 

  • Anjali Deshmukh
    Anjali Deshmukh   Aug 15, 2017 07:14 PM

    Hey!!!! Hiii

                  So its the start of the new session. I am damn sure you will be super excited for your fresher's party. After all it will be the first function in your college. But with the excitement comes anxiety too right. But dont worry because it's normal.

               All of us girls always have this nervousness and confusion as to what to wear and what not for the party. And this becomes  a big concern for us. And as you said there will be different themes at the party and wearing a good and fancy dress is a big question. But I will make it simple for you. The best tip any fashionista will ever give you is "Wear what makes you feel comfortable". Looking awesome requires to feel awesome.

                        All you need is a comfortable outfit, great hairdo and the proper make up to look perfect for freshers. There is no need for you to feel tensed. It's a party meant for you. You are the guest and its your turn to enjoy. So keep all the negative thoughts away and just focus on the fun part in party. You will get to know new people, will have a dance or two and have lots and lots of fun. Being positive will solve half of your anxiety issues. So just chill and get ready to rock the party.

    Hope this was helpful. Go girl and rock !!!! :)

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