parental fights

15 Aug
Nimisha singh

Hey everyone. i have seen and heard about many cases where the fights between parents creates mental disturbance in children. They neglect the needs of their children, they dont understand that the disturbance in their life can creat problems for their children.Can you sugggest ways throught which we can solve such issues.

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  • Richa S Karthikeyan
    Richa S Karthikeyan   Aug 15, 2017 07:39 PM

    It is true that parents in their own ego clashes forget the ill effects on children. We can of course can control and solve such issues. That needs an understanding and efforts from both sides of the parents. Few steps that can be taken:

    1. fights are inevitable between a husband and a wife, what they can do is to avoid shouting in front of the children.

    2. both parents , showing maturity , can decide a time , which is away from children to discuss their problems.

    3. if by chance , there is an argument in front of the children , they should explain that in a neutral way to children, such as, we are friends, friends fight sometimes, etc.

    4. there should be some ground rules fixed for the language usage in front of children. They both should not curse eachother or parents or anyother member of the either of the family.

    5. Also, if you are angry with your spouse , children should not become victims of that. You should spend decided time with children.

    These are few things we can do to lessen the impact and handling conflicts in a healthy way.





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