Leaking Game of Thrones

16 Aug
Ayushi Jolly

Hello everyone!

Most of us have been die-hard fans of the English series,Game of Thrones. We have witnessed how sensational the series is and with the reduction in it's episodic length and numbers,the craze is increasing.Sadly,the latest season has already witnessed two leaks which is a tremendous loss to the company and a dissappointment for us,fans as well. I fail to understand the psyche behind the people who leak such series,or any,for that matter.I mean what good do they derive out of it? There is little to wait for,anyway and then hacking a website and then leaking an episode for monetary purposes? What good does it do,anyway?

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  • Heena Sheth
    Heena Sheth   Aug 16, 2017 11:37 PM

    Hi Ayushi!

    It's really interesting to see a question about the Game of Thrones on the blog! Your question is quite pertinent.
    Today morning I woke up to the news of four men in Bombay being taken into custody becasue they were associated with the leaks in India. These men were not hackers, but they were third-party vendors who work on the series itself!

    Considering the leaks, one of the most crucial one has been the leaks of 4 episodes of season 5, which happens to be a crucial season for the show since Jon becomes Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, saves as many wildings from the Army of The Dead, The Faith become the most powerful men in King's Landing, Ramsay is the Lord of Winterfell, Tyrion flees across the narrow seas thus paving the way for aTyrion-Dany plot, and more crucial events that provide momentum to the show.

    Coming to the leaks of this season, both have been ones with crucial battles and fighting scenes, as we find Dany's now grown dragons really breathing fire and burning the enemies.

    When it comes to the commercial sides of these leaks, the entire franchise is at an immense loss, as every episode costed an enormous $10 million dollars approximately. This makes the show easily the most expensive tv show in the history of television shows. Moreover, the top 5 actors have also got a hike in their pay.

    Most of the times, these leaks happen at screeners, or the channel or the distributor itself is involved, in order to create a hype about it. If the episodes are leaked by hackers, then more than 2 episodes can be leaked.

    As fans of the show, the opinions are mixed. Some are really eager to watch these links, whereas others still swear their allegiance to HBO, Hotstar Premium or where the shows are officially broadcasted.

    It's definitely sad that these leaks happen and the company has to face a huge loss. For them one can say that "the night is dark and full of terrors"

    I hope this helped.

    ("And thus my watch ended")

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