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16 Aug
Nimisha singh

Hey everyone. I live in a hostel and sometimes the food is not at all good, which forces me to order food also whenever their is a free period in college i go to the college canteen and buy some snacks. But what i dont realise is that these daily expenditures later become trouble for me as i am left with no money. And then i have to ask for it from my parents, which i dont like because you earn money through hardwork. I dont want to send my money like this how can i manage it.

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  • Ayushi Jolly
    Ayushi Jolly   Aug 21, 2017 12:23 AM

    Hey there! I hope you are doing well.

    I have been through the same and can totally understand how difficult it gets when we suddenly move out of our home and supposed comfort zone and to a hostel.There is so much of adjustment to do from food to security and socializing.

    Coming to your problem,the food might really be bad,I will not doubt about it but the problem is that ordering junk food or eating outside everyday is not the solution and can not last long. Here are a few things that you can try and that should help you survive the situation.

    1.You must keep the home taste aside and try adapting to it.It takes time but you shall be able to dwell with the taste better than you think.

    2.Try talking to your friends about it and ask them if they are also going through the saem.

    3.If yes,then collectively go to the hostel authority and complain about the food and other problems because you are paying for it and deserve to give a feedback.

    4.Things take time and change is not really accepted until a time duration so give things time.

    5.Try having a tiffin or some home food instead of junk.

  • Priya Parwani
    Priya Parwani   Aug 20, 2017 04:02 PM


    Hope you doing good. It's the problem which so many hostlers go through. Money management is extremely important and we learn the value of money when we live on our own. You can do the following things to solve your problem:

    1) If so many students feel that the food quality of hostel food is bad then you should all complain to the head of food department of your college.

    2) Instead of getting snacks go for more healthy options like fruits or protein bars or glucose bars and healthy biscuits.

    3) Make a weekly list of expenditure and spend accordingly. Make a good budget of food and do not exceed the limit.

    4) Don't control yourself much and have some junk food but once in a week so that you can fulfill your cravings and manage your money.

    Hope this will help.

  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Aug 19, 2017 05:30 PM


    Hope you are doing well. I can clearly understand about your concern.  First of all, I appreciate you of knowing your minus point and trying to correct  it. Not everyone feels of wasting money as it’s their parent’s money they never know about their pain but You were so understanding and knowing about your parent’s pain of wasting money. I can hereby suggest you something helpful.

    1. Avoid to eat junk foods. As It can affect your physical health. However you buy some snack eat healthy in less cost like biscuits. Avoid paani puri and other junks which can also affect your physical health, and later will spend in hospitals.
    2. Avoid shopping. You only buy clothes and eat junk foods while shopping. You can reduce it step by step. It can save your money a lot. Eating in college with friends will really make you to enjoy the life, you can just talk with your friends without any snacks or foods. Have some self- control of saving money, like saving at least 100 for a week. “Small drops of water makes a mighty ocean”, so start from drops which will be ocean one day.
    3. Rather wasting the money in clothes and junk foods, you can make use of it in a effective manner like buying some books, doing some projects.



    Hope, it helps you!!

    Take Care  :)

  • Shubhanshi Singh
    Shubhanshi Singh   Aug 17, 2017 08:24 AM

    Hello there! 

    I understand that money is important and we must utilise it wisely. We often forget to keep a tab on our expenses. 

    What you need to do is make a list of things you are going to spend on. Don't be too cruel on yourself, assign some money to be spent on fun things and pizzas. Buy fruits so that you don't unhealthy from outside. If you don't like the canteen food then maybe you can file a complaint to the administration along with other students who think the same. It's the duty of the college to provide nutrition rich food to its students but if this is not the case then your money is going in vain. 

    You can also try lunch box catering facilities where local shops deliver your lunch whenever you want to. It's very constant effective and tasty. 

  • Heena Sheth
    Heena Sheth   Aug 17, 2017 12:16 AM

    Hi Nimisha!

    College life is that period of life where most of us learn how to manage our expenses, especially when we have shifted to another city/town for our higher education.
    Amongst the struggle and effort of adapting to a new routine, and a new lifestyle, adjsuting and adapting to the food is one of the major problems that a lot of us college students face.

    What you could possibly do is plan out your meals. Plan out and decide what you want to have for your breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Make a list of all the snacks that you would want to have. Then check with your hostel mess. Make a chart of what are the things you like, the dishes which are filling and the ones that will not make you feel hungry shortly after you have consumed it. For example, you could have the sandwich for breakfast along with a fruit that is available. I' sure that it is not everyday that the lunch and dinner prepared at the hostel would be that bad that you can't eat it. Making a list will surely help you getting your eatin scheduled fixed.

    Further, make a list of the snacks and fruits that you could keep with yourself. Make your grocery list for every 2 weeks, 1 month or according to your convenience. I'm sure you must be budgeting all your expenses.

    Keep biscuits or a light snack handy with you, so that you can eat it whenever you feel hungry.

    When it comes to the expenditures, you could try earning your own money by giving tuitions or doing a paid internship.

    Hope this helped.

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