putting up with social media

21 Aug
Ayushi Jolly

Hello everyone!

So I was going through my social media accounts after a really long time and was unable to understand why have the internet gone crazy over memes.There is a meme for eveything,from the prime minister to the latest tv series. What amazes me the most is to see howblindly people have been follwoing social media habits. I was literally being outgrouped by few of my friends because they always talked about memes and virals and I was not really updated on them.We have to become a part of it in this social presuure.How can we get out of it?

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  • Shubhanshi Singh
    Shubhanshi Singh   Aug 22, 2017 02:00 PM

    Hey there! 

    Just 2 years ago, 'sharing food' and 'paying for your friends food' were indicators of good friendship. Before that actually staying with your friend in their good and bad times was an indicator. As times are passing, our definition of friendship is changing. It's becoming more vague. It's actually demeaning now. These days we say they are good friend because they constantly tag each other in memes. It's silly, right? 

    I think it's just a phase and it will pass. I have been a vivid user of memes and all as well. I was tagged on these memes and I tagged too. It's fun to an extent. For sometime you get bored of it, just like everything else. 

    Memes are just a way of entertainment. No need to to be updated with it. Just listen to your talk about memes and laugh because that's the only purpose these memes share. 

    Memes can be degrading also. I have seen so many memes on our Prime Minister and celebrities. It's offending. Sarcasm and fun should be limited, not at the cost of other person's image. 

  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Aug 21, 2017 09:31 PM


       Hope you are doing well. I can clearly understand about your concern. And  I truly agree with your statement. Nowadays youngsters are much addicted to their mobile phones and pc’s. They use it from the morning when they open their eyes and will use it still they close their eyes to sleep. They wake up in the morning and just check their mobile phones for the messages they might have received in social media. Its really harmful for their present and future life. The only reason is the addiction into social media. The addiction which then creates a curiosity to check the social media.

    When they get the curiosity of doing something no one can stop them even the self- control fails there. Even myself, I was so addicted to social media just to watch the memes in fb which makes me to relief my stress and make me free. Later, I came to know about my addiction and I uninstalled the fb app and made myself so busy with varies things. And now I really don’t have time to check my fb and for memes. So people should know about their weakness and should try to control it else avoid it.


    Hope it helps you!!!

    Take Care :)

  • Shreya Narayanan
    Shreya Narayanan   Aug 21, 2017 10:39 AM

    Hey there,

    Well there are some memes to which even I'm not updated yet,but it's fun to scroll through Facebook page or any other social media page and check out for latest hottest memes.

    Memes are a stupendous invention, because to ridicule someone is also an art,and that too in the sassiest way.

    Now,coming back to your group. Trust me,it isn't necessary to be always updated. I and so many others like me aren't updated with the latest memes, although we live memes,the conversations don't generally involve only memes,there are so many billion topics to talk upon.

    You don't really have to put up with your group you see,if they out group you,leave the group or stay silent till they start talking about something different. You don't have to change yourself to be a part of your own social circle. Stay what you are and let things happen, although if you want to get updated,you could. No harm whatsoever. It all depends on your choice. Good luck.