Why do people commit suicide?

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  • Shruti Gupta Delhi
    Shruti Gupta Delhi   Sep 06, 2017 06:27 PM

    Hey there!

    I beg to differ with your view of those who commit suicide. Suicide refers to the act of ending your own life. Here's a question - can you end your life? Do you have the courage to do so? I believe not.
    I am not in support of suicide, neither I am glorifying it. I am only making a point against your calling those to attempt to kill themselves, cowards, for that, further stigmatizes the stigma already attached to mental health issues. Your calling anyone a coward will not help them come out and discuss their problems, it will further encourage them to go into the hideout from which they are trying to get rid. That's why it's a sincere request, please do not stigmatize mental health and its issues.

    To answer your question now, suicide, firstly, is not a rational act. Think about the storms that one must be going through that they can see no other option other than committing suicide. Think about how helpless they might be feeling that they are considering ending their lives. When that happens, family, friends, and relatives - none come to one's mind. That's because there's no one to blame for what they are feeling and how they are feeling. An individual is so infuriated with their own existence that they start to believe that this world would just be a better place if they did not exist. When a person feels so helpless that they aren't able to talk to anyone, how do you think they are supposed to believe that anybody would care anyway. 

    This is exactly why it is important to break the norms and stigmas that surround mental health, for it could save a lot of lives!

    I hope it helped. :)

  • Priya Parwani
    Priya Parwani   Aug 27, 2017 12:12 PM


    Hope you doing well. Suicide is something which no one should do, n matter how hard the situation beomes. Here I will disagree with you that the one who commits suicide are cowards because no one is coward, it's just that they become less strong at the time of crisis. People should understand that life is the most precious gift one can really have, but people forget that when they are surrounded by negativity and hardships. Another reason for not coping up is lack of moral and emotional support, when someone is in problem most of the people demotivate that person instead of helping him, which ultimately make the situation worse.

    We all should learn to be strong and surround ourself with  positive people. Talk to someone when in problem and have the courage to ask for help. We should also keep in mind that tough time never last, they are just meant to make us strong, so we have to be brave and make ourself calm and composed during crisis.

    Hope this will help.

  • Ayushi Jolly
    Ayushi Jolly   Aug 27, 2017 11:59 AM

    Hey there! I hope you are doing well.

    It is very disturbing to see how the number of suicide rates are increasing and how the people are failing to gather courage to fight suicide back.Sometimes,we judge the case very easily from our point of view but it is not that the person who committed suicide didn't try.He did but there could have been so many reasons that forced him to give up.Maybe  he did not get the external emotional support he was seeking,the conditions were not improving at all,he could not see any light of hope and did not have nay source of motivation to hold on to.Often,what goes wrong is not what the way a person looks at a situation but how he is made to look at it by the society.The saddest part is that the people around do not provide any motivation or support of any sort but instead worsen things by making the other person feel all the more worse.There can be cases where the person broke down physicologically so bad that he committed suicide other times it is just the mere push that the society provokes and also the circumstances that force to take such a step.

  • Rasi M Sethia
    Rasi M Sethia   Aug 25, 2017 11:02 PM


    Suicide in simple words is 'giving up'. People who commit suicide are very sensitive and mentally weak. Such people are sensitive to criticisms or anything negative thus getting hurt a lot. Things pinches them fast and they are unable to let go of stuffs. Such people are not very good in hadling stress. They succumb to it. When everything piles up and crosses their limit, the only thing they think of is to end everything, get rid of life ultimately killing themselves. I would not say that these people are coward. They are rather weak, very weak. A person being mentally weak can be because of his/her brought up. If parents make sure that their child grows into an independent, strong person who can relate with the society and adjust well, suicides will decrease. A strong child-parent bond should be there. 

  • Heena Sheth
    Heena Sheth   Aug 25, 2017 08:13 PM


    People commit suicide because they don't see a reason for them to live anymore. For them feelings of hopelessness and extreme amount of pain are a part of their system and hence believe that ending their lives is the best solution to the problems. They believe that they are the problem. They think that the world will be a better place for everyone if they weren't living in it.

    I don't think calling them "cowards" is appropriate, they lack courage. They don't know how brave and powerful they can be.They can't cope up because they haven't been groomed to handle stress, problem, difficulties and complicated situations in life. If you keep a plant under shade, it will never grow. It needs exposure to nature which might be harsh initially but are important for the plant's longevity. Similarily overprotectiveness on th epart of the parents and guardians lends to individuals with a weak upbringing of will power, courage and resiliance. The overprotective grooming of the child has led to suicide become so prevelant, and it is now an epidemic in our society.

    It is true that with suicide there is not just the loss of the person committing the suicide but also the people who are close to him/her. If we know of someone who is suicidal then, we must explain to them that they are more than their problems, shortcomings, crisis and failures. They need to realize that troubles are like clouds, however dark they may, they will ultimately dissolve into rain.

  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Aug 25, 2017 06:37 PM


       Hope you are doing well. I can clearly understand about your concern.  Nowadays, many youngsters were affected by this suicidal thoughts. People who ever thinks to end up their life for even a small issues, is they were considered as the cowards. They feel weak both physically and emotionally and make suicide. It may be due to their growth from childhood days. From being kid, they may so sensitive and coward fro small issues. When they grow up and get affects even with small issues, they think themselves as weak and commit suicide.

    They should surround themselves with optimistic people who can motivate and encourage from the failure. So, they can have some strong support for life. Nowadays, the value of life is never realized by people. Recently, many adolescents were committed suicide due to the blue whale game challenge. How people will even never acre about their child from these game? So, care, affection and support will make people really strong to fight against anything without committing suicide.

    Hope it helps you!!!

    Take Care :)

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