Is it okay to remain silent?

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  • Priya Parwani
    Priya Parwani   Aug 25, 2017 11:35 PM


    Hope you doing good. As it is rightly said "Work hard in silence and let your actions speaks." People will always say something or they will always have an opinion but what's important is how we deal with it. Always stay quiet about your future plans and next moves because if you say people will assume so many things and it will create unnecessary pressure on you. Just follow your dreams and work your hardest in achieving them and remain quiet. When you become successful, opinions of these people who are envy of you will not matter to you.

    Don't give them answer back because they are jealous of you that's why provoking or teasing you, so only you will drain your energy and will get nothing in the end. Be postive, work hard and stay quiet about it, one day all this will pay off.

    Hope this will help.

  • Rasi M Sethia
    Rasi M Sethia   Aug 25, 2017 11:12 PM


    I would say it is better to keep shut and let our actions do the job. People have the habit of speaking. Ignore those words which are not relevant to you and won't do any good. Take their harsh words as a challenge to prove them wrong and a source of motivation to work hard. If you backfire at them, there will be high chances that you will be rude to them since you will be in anger. Your being rude to them will give them one more chance to comment on you and discourage you. Do you want to give them instances to criticise you? No, right. It us better to ignore them and keep doing your work. Your success will be the best answer back. Let your actions speak ! Remain calm, don't lose your composure. Be focused and hustle. Your roar in the form of achievement will shut everyone down. Keep working hard. All the best and take care :)

  • Sanjna Verma
    Sanjna Verma   Aug 25, 2017 08:23 PM

    Hello there. I liked your question. I think that these are people who are envious of us due to our potential or they have some personal grudges against us.

    Your question reminded me of a scene from the movie Azhar. It was the scene of his childhood. All the children were underestimating his batting ability. Azhar was trying to resist those remarks till his grandfather came. He advised him that if he will try to react to their remarks by telling that he is a good batsman, very few people will listen but if he hits a cracking shot from his bat, everyone has to listen to it, no matter what. As the proverb goes, Actions speak louder than words.

    People will go on remarking about what they have seen in your previous experience with them. You know yourself and what you are capable of. Believe in yourself and work hard to give a hard-hitting reply to those who don't know about your abilities. Keep going strong and keep working hard. React to others with a smile on your face and do your job. Hope this helps.


  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Aug 25, 2017 06:39 PM


       Hope you are doing well. I can clearly understand about your concern.  And I truly agree with your statement. Nowadays the world is full of criticizer who never encourages us, and stand us obstacle of whatever we do. In those situation, I suggest you to stay calm and silent let our actions speak. If we answer back in those situation,. They will continue the argument and at last it only hurt us. So stay calm and work for it with fire.  Also, if we speak back, and later if we attain even a small failure, they will smile for us. Then it’s is the most bad and worse situation in our life.

    However we were so confident and hardworking, every will fail at sometime. So, success and failure is the part of human life. I recommend you to stay calm and silent. People who works in silent will have the noisy and party success with more credits.


    “Work in silent let our success makes the noise.”


    Hope it helps you!!!

    Take Care :)

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