Sadness of no Reason

25 Aug
Sanjna Verma

Hello everyone. I have seen in myself that I feel sad at times. But it does not have any clear cut reason. Sometimes I think that I have pressure of studying which is subconsciously making me feel so. One day one of my classmates was also expressing that she was feeling sad. There was no reason to it. This makes me ponder over the fact that why does this unwanted phase of melancholy occurs? Is it normal to feel that way?

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  • Shubhanshi Singh
    Shubhanshi Singh   Aug 27, 2017 01:38 PM

    Hello there!

     There are so many times when I get sad for no reason whatsoever. Infact I even spend time wondering why I am sad, but there seems to be no reason behind it, which makes it annoying also. 

    What I have reckoned is that this is not sadness, this is just an empty feeling that we all go through once or twice. We start leading a monotonous life and have no new things to do. When you identify it with sadness, it self perpetuates which makes you feel more empty and 'sad'. So don't think of it as sadness. 

    Divert your mind. I know it's easier said than done. But maybe going out and hanging out with friends will be a good idea. It will not sound like a good idea when you are sad, but once you go out, you will see how you have forgotten about the whole situation and your sadness has vanished. 

    Just tell yourself that there is no reason for you to be sad. Self talk really helps  go infront of a mirror and talk to yourself. Get involved into self engaging activities, dance your heart out.

    Smile. Fake it till you make it. 

  • Shanmugi B.P
    Shanmugi B.P   Aug 26, 2017 06:17 PM


       Hope you are doing well. I can clearly understand about your concern.  First of all, I appreciate you finding the valid reason for your problems. And it’s a normal way to feel the way. As life is not only made up of happiness. In a coin with head and tail, life is made up of both happiness and sorrow. So, don’t feel much confused and depressed over these kind of issues. May be you have been much happier these days, so you may have some sadness.

    If you more depressed and sad for no other reason for more than a week. I suggest you to consult some psychiatrist or counselors. So you may have some help to figure out your problems. And one of the best online platform of counselors is eWellness Expert. You can consult one of the experts to solve your problems. And some researches  shown that if you feel sad and frustrated with everyone and everything then you miss a person badly. So, You may miss a person badly and you feel sad. Finally, Consulting some counselors can give you  the best results.


    Hope it helps you!!!

    Take Care :)

  • Rasi M Sethia
    Rasi M Sethia   Aug 25, 2017 11:39 PM


    It is totally normally to feel this way. At times we don't understand why are we gloomy and what do we want. We tend to become more sensitive and have mood swings. At times this happens due to hormonal changes in the body. To some girls this happens when their periods are approaching. It can also be that you are bored and tired of your daily schedule of work/studies. Try taking a break. It might brighten your mood. Do anything which you enjoy. Chill and waste time for one or two days. Go out to a nearby place. Try to figure out what you want. Stay happy :)

  • Priya Parwani
    Priya Parwani   Aug 25, 2017 10:28 PM


    Hope you doing good. I can completely understand your situation. It is common to be sad withour any concrete reason and even I go through this phase and so does the others. According to me, we all are surrounded by so many things like materialistic things, social things, which leaves an impression in our mind, which piles up slowly and then affect us. There are times when so many small things happen which doesn't affect us at the moment of happening but stays in our mind and then we keep on pondering over it. When things pile up then they start affecting us, not always the big incidents but the smaller ones also. That's why we become unable to have any concrete reason for our sadness. We live in a world which is different from our expected world and hence, so many things affect us unknowingly and when we sit alone or have some free time, these things come into our consciousness and affect us.

    Our age is also the factor, during teenage or young age we have so many changes in our body which affect our mood and we feel someday sad and someday happy. So you should not worry much, be happy and talk about your feelings to others as this will help you to answer your questions.

    Hope this will help.

  • Reshma Venugopal
    Reshma Venugopal   Aug 25, 2017 09:27 PM

    Hi there. 

    I totally understand what you feel. It's a normal and pretty common feeling a lot of people have. I get them all the time, and sometimes they have genuine reasons behind them, while other times, it's just stemmed out of overthinking. I tend to randomly overthink about random stuff, which leads to negative emotions. 

    So maybe, maybe that's what you are going through as well? Maybe, as you mentioned about your study stress, it is indirectly affecting your thought process. 

    Another reason I would like to point out, are simple hormonal imbalances. And the younger you are, hormones effect your moods to a great extent. Especially, if you are nearing your menstrual period. I'm very sure you've heard about PMSing and  maybe, you don't believe in that completely, but I'm pretty sure it must be a cause. So don't worry about it, it's pretty natural. 

    Other than that, maybe there is something bothering you that you are not too sure about yourself. Something that is in your subconscious and that's causing stress. 

    So I would suggest, when you feel these things you should learn to vent it out in a safe place. Maybe write a diary about these emotions ? Maybe do things to cheer your mood. Keep yourself busy and don't give yourself a chance to feel that way, and maybe you'll find happy. 

    Hope this helps!